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Rack Shack BBQ and “The Hobo”


Locations: 2925 Cliff Rd E Burnsville, MN 55337 | 1731 South Robert StWest St Paul, MN 55118

For those who still don’t know, legitimate BBQ really does exist in the Twin Cities.  After finally hearing about the Rack Shack, we figured why not give it a try. After living in Kansas CIty for a few years and moving back to the TC area, I have struggled to get my fix for something nearly as good, and I only had hopes that this would be the cure.

This monstrous food item above is known as the Hobo. The Hobo is pretty much every side thrown together over a big ass baked potato, making up over 2lbs of BBQ greatness. This dish is insane: with a potato as its base, then soaked in a buttery sauce topped with cheesy corn, creamy jalapeño macaroni, tender pork, beef brisket, bacon blue cheese cole slaw and drizzled in cheddar cheese (and an side of cornbread). Weeew, that was a lot to say, but way more to digest.

Every ingredient added to the Hobo was right on point. Both the brisket and pork were tender and smoked to perfection to accommodate the behemoth of a potato buried beneath. Anyways. . . this place is the real deal, and I really can’t wait to try the next dish.


ZuluZuluu with D.O.A. at Loring Park

When: August 11th 2014, 7pm|
Where: Loring Park, Minneapolis MN |

Next Monday, ZuluZuluu will be performing live at Loring Park. Following the performance, the original of D.O.A. will be shown free for our viewing pleasure. Even though there shouldn’t be a description for Greazy’s latest group, ZuluZuluu, they bring a fresh hip-hop, jazz and soul infused sound to the Minneapolis scene. There is no reason to not chill and vibe out next Monday — so come join in on some dope music and a classic 50’s film noir film with D.O.A. 


[MADE] Brews of the Week


From my knowledge, this is the first Nebraska beer that I have ever tasted, and that’s why I want to show this brew some love. While Nebraska is mostly known for the cornhuskers or some shit, it turns out their beer isn’t that bad at all.

This IPA straight up has all the original qualities you would think of in an IPA. Upfront you taste the bitterness , followed by a wave of citrus malt undertones. Overall, it isn’t anything I would seek out at the liquor store; but at a nice 6% ABV, it is a very drinkable and well balanced IPA.


When I think of a West Coast IPA, this is the beer that now comes to mind. Left Coast Brewery out of San Clemente, CA, consistently puts out some of the best brews out west. This brew really tastes like a summer IPA and pairs well when siting poolside/beachside.

The tropical citrus flavored IPA smells and tastes fruity, but yet packs a solid bitter hop punch. Left Coast’s Trestles sits close to 7% ABV and its overall feel has a medium body; ultimately making for a near perfect West Coast IPA.

[MADE] Recap – Beasthead Live @ Kitty Cat Klub & After Party

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After a long Friday night staying up till the sun came up, we decided it would be a good idea for a second round. This last Saturday, Beasthead performed with Sun Gods to Gamma Rays for their latest remix release. After a few great sets by the artists, we made our way downtown for some additional fun. Rooftop chillin, water volleyball and some good conversations made up for the rest of the evening. Stay tuned here for more weekly recaps from MADE.

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Kinetik Groove – Picking Up The Pieces



The young twenty something year old, Kinetik Groove (Austin O’Meara), recently released his EP Picking Up The Pieces. The 13 track album is free for download and features some heavy electro-hip-hop. These fresh beats possess uplifting melodies with baselines that pack a punch.  It’s interesting to see how different the music scene is around the CO/KS area, as there are more similar upcoming artists such as The Floozies becoming nationally known. Take a listen and make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Kinetik Groove.

『Drip Drop』- N.E.R.V. after hours


『Drip Drop』just released this single off of his EP MECHA DREAMS. Once again, we feature another artist out of Australia, as it seems they have quite the music scene around Sydney and Melbourne. The Japanese vocals with the percussion makes for one smooth beat by the producer. Press play and stay on the look out for MECHA DREAMS. 

RUFF ÐR∆FT – One From Central


RUFF ÐR∆FT just released this fresh beat yesterday and it hasn’t left our thoughts yet. The smooth drums backed by the soothing syth’s and keys, make for one enjoyable record by the producer out of Oakland. The beat bumps all the way to the end as it continuously builds and changes directions throughout. Stay tuned for more form the artist and feel free to cop the track for a $1.


Fresh Beats for the Streets

As Minneapolis artists continue to release non-stop heat on this cold ass winter, we can’t help but turn these beats up and dream about summertime lakes and chillin. Big Cats and Psymun just added to the fire once again with their latest tracks, “lotion” and “Keep Up”. Each song is just over a minute, so you know every second is good.