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Sloslylove – Bedroom

If you haven’t heard of Sloslylove, you’re definitely missing out. Throughout 2014 he’s dropped gems left and right and “Bedroom” is no exception. The record cruises along at a steady pace held together by a strong drum line, a masterful track to take a long ride too. The depth of the record is truly impressive as it’s tempo progresses until the very last second. The man is clearly one of the Midwest’s hottest up and coming producers, each project he releases is carefully crafted to play like a movie. Check out “Bedroom” above, stay tuned for #10 tomorrow on our list of the “Top 14 Albums of 2014”.

Sloslylove – Forever Love

Back in 2012, Sloslylove broke onto the scene with the release of his album, Tendencies. Similar to The Haunted, the album’s tracks fit together like puzzle pieces. Among them, “Forever Love” stands as Sloslylove’s most popular record to date, with endless grooves and the use of various sounds not common to the ear. A good track no doubt, this is where Sloslylove truly gained his pace; check out “Forever Love’ above and keep an eye out for more.

Sloslylove “The Haunted” (#11 Top 14 Albums of 2014)


Eau Claire producer Sloslylove has been making a lot of moves this year stemming from the release of his album The Haunted, back in July. The electro, chill-wave esque vibe of the album sets Slylove apart from some of Minneapolis’ other up and coming producers, as his records tend to incorporate a good amount of depth. Not one of The Haunted’s 11 tracks misses a beat, making the album an easy listen from front to back. As our list heads into the top 10, take a minute to check out Sloslylove’s The Haunted below, and stay tuned for more.

[New] Myo Crypt – Try This

As we continue to come across music many may never of heard of, we stumbled across another that belongs here. While we know pretty much nothing about Myo Crypt, their one and only song, “Try This,” deserves a listen. The experimental, psychedelic, electro-rock doesn’t sound like much of anything that we’ve heard before. The song features guitar riffs similar from Stoner Metal and drum patterns similar to those from chill wave electronica. This one really takes you on a nice ride.



Minneapolis’ Vandaam, is one unique group to say the least. It is only right that we pay some homage to the group, who has been receiving much love from the city. The futuristic ‘Chill Wave’ that they possess, has had me groovin’ to them twice now at their shows. The group consists of three artists: Lady Midnight on vocals, producer Absent, and producer Sloslylove. The three fit together like the ingredients on a burger. Lady Midnight’s the meat and buns, once heated; the others melt together like cheese and make the sounds we hear, right? The collective is as good as they sound live, and are really hard to categorize as a genre. Overall, the album is an experience in itself. Make sure to listen to the full album here, and let us know what you think here at MADE.