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The Grateful Dead Reunite This Friday At Soldier Field For Final Concert Series

The Grateful Dead.

This Friday you will probably be able to see a solid cloud of weed-smoke coming out of Soldier Field, as ‘Deadheads’ will be pouring in from all around to see the final performances of The Grateful Dead. The band kicked off their final farewell concert series in Santa Clara, CA on June 27th, drawing crowds of 80,000 people each night. Fans in the Mid-west will be able to see the final shows this weekend at Chicago’s Soldier Field, which also marks a special location for the Dead: the group’s final performance with original member Jerry Garcia took place at Soldier Field nearly 20 years ago. For this final farewell, original members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart will be performing with guitarist Trey Anastasio of Phish, and the performance is expected to be recorded and released as part of a special collection later this year. Deadheads should also keep an eye out for further news of the upcoming Grateful Dead documentary from executive producer Martin Scorsese (The Last Waltz, George Harrison: Living in the Material World) and director Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman Story, Happy Valley) that is also expected out later this year. If you weren’t able to secure a ticket, or would just like to see the performance, several venues across the city will be showing a live broadcast of the concerts: Park West in the Lincoln Park neighborhood will be displaying the Friday and Saturday concerts for $32.50 (a live acoustic band is also included for the intermission) and City Winery in the West Loop will be displaying all three shows on a large projection screen for $18, so be sure to check these out if you really want to see them play! Enjoy!

[MADE] The Coastal Cruz: Rustic

Art-a-Whirl15_9 copy

Art-a-Whirl15_5 copy

Art-a-Whirl15_3 copy

With our very final edit from The Coastal Cruz series, we present Rustic. As we traveled the abandoned Nazi camp in California, we came across some very unique rusted metal remains of what used to be. Collapsed fortresses, to tons and tons of metal – there was a sense of tranquility throughout the land that once was.

The Coastal Cruz || The Coastal Cruz: Landscapes  || The Coastal Cruz Landscapes: pt.2 ||

The Coastal Cruz: The Forest || The Coastal Cruz: Nightfall ||The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.1 || The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.2 ||

By: Vogz

[MADE] The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.2

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pix_18 copy

K&1 copy

As this post begins to wind down our Coastal Cruz series from California, we would like to present our second to last post to the series with pt.2 of the Urban Jungle edition. As we wound our way through the abandon Nazi compound in the mountain tops, we found leftover’s of what used to be from years ago. Anything from abandon houses, gutters, cars and who knows what – it was something worth seeing to say the least. Definitely one of the highlights from the trip, and we hope to visit again one day in the near future. Stay tuned next week for the last post to the series, and feel free to catch up with any of the previous images that we posted below.

The Coastal Cruz || The Coastal Cruz: Landscapes  || The Coastal Cruz Landscapes: pt.2 ||

The Coastal Cruz: The Forest || The Coastal Cruz: Nightfall ||The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.2 ||

By: Vogz

Rick Famuyiwa’s New Dramatic Comedy ‘Dope’ Opens In Theaters This June 19th


Writer/director Rick Ramuyiwa (The Wood, Brown Sugar) will see his latest dramatic comedy Dope open on the big screen this June 19th. Narrated by Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland, Lee Daniel’s The Butler), the film follows Malcolm, a young high school senior living in Inglewood, CA who struggles with gang-bangers and drug-dealers in his neighborhood while attempting to finish high school and complete his SATs, all while applying for and going on college interviews with the goal of going to Harvard. Ramuyiwa directed from his own script, which first showed at the Sundance Film Festival back in January and which will also be shown at the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival this June. Starring in the film are actors Shameik Moore (The Watsons Go To Birmingham, Joyful Noise), Tony Revolori (The Perfect Game, The Grand Budapest Hotel), Kiersey Clemons (Shake It Up, Transparent), Kimberly Elise (John Q, For Colored Girls), Blake Anderson (Workaholics, Neighbors), and Zoe Kravitz (X-Men: First Class, Divergent). Keep an eye out for an upcoming trailer!

[MADE] Brews of the Week (Rainy Day IPA Edition)

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This week’s MADE Brews of the Week, we bring a special Rainy Day IPA edition to the series. It has been rainy and cold to start most of May, so what’s better than a damn tasty IPA to keep the doctor away. Alright, enough of the rhyming and lets get to drinking.

The first brew of the week is going out to Sierra Nevada’s Hop Hunter. Just like the title of this brew, Sierra Nevada has sought out to make one hell of a hoppy brew. The brew, which features Hop Oil from their Torpedo Hops, is one aromatic brew. After cracking the lid, you immediately notice a rush of citrus orange. Juicy, grassy and citrusy – this IPA has it all. Interestingly unique, this brew sits at 6.2% ABV and is a measly $7.99 a six pack. Go ahead an do yourself a favor and try a six pack of this.

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Boulevard and Sierra Nevada have probably made our list more than any other brewery, and damnit they deserve to. The second IPA is going out to Boulevard’s Calling IPA (Double IPA). The brew is featured as a part of their smokestack series, which is carefully aged in barrels for added flavors.

My initial thought after spending $12.99 on a 4-pack, “is this shit better be worth it, damn”. Here I am writing another weekly review, and this beer is up there with the GREATS – it is absolutely delicious from beginning to end.

After finishing a glass of this, I didn’t feel full from rich flavors of a beer – I wanted another. This is something rare for me with DIPA’s, as they can be a bit much. Loaded with fresh hops, floral notes, and a juicy fruit flavor; this brews is sweet, delicious and refreshing. You may catch some of the cedar wood notes buried within this brew, as it is full of depth and flavor. Sitting just under 9% ABV, this brew not only lets you feel it, it allows one to really drink it.

[MADE] The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.1

pix_10 copy

pix_16 copy

K&1_13 copy

Through our journeys hiking and traveling throughout California, we discovered some pretty legit spots to chill and tag- it was one hell of an adventure at this point. We teamed up and traveled with a Los Angeles based designer from Rough & Greedy and tagged a few spots of our own. Between grassy mountain tops, all the way to dark and narrow passages; we found a wide variety of graffiti to set the scenery throughout CA.

If you happen to just now set eyes on The Coastal Cruz series, feel free to thumb through many more pics below from our drive up to SF from LA. – Enjo¡

The Coastal Cruz || The Coastal Cruz: Landscapes  || The Coastal Cruz Landscapes: pt.2 ||

The Coastal Cruz: The Forest || The Coastal Cruz: Nightfall ||

By: Vogz


[MADE] The Coastal Cruz: Landscapes

K&1_8 copy

K&1_24 copy

DSC00645 copy

Last week, we featured the first part to our Coastal Cruz series, which featured a few of my personal favorite images from when he hit the pavement running. This next installment to the series leaves me wondering how I ever got on the airplane back to this snowy cold spring in MN. The three images above, feature a few of the amazing landscapes that we witnessed near the coastal pacific drive. Feel free to view last weeks here, in case you missed it. Make sure to stay tuned for more images as we showcase them exclusively through MADE.

By: Vogz

[MADE] The Coastal Cruz

K&1_17 copy

K&1_18 copy

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This past weekend we made our way up through the historic pacific highway. Needless to say, it was hard coming back to TC after seeing some world’s best views. Through our journey’s, we started our trip in Los Angeles and eventually ended up in San Francisco. These next few weeks, we will feature images exclusively here on MADE. Anything from scenic mountains, blue oceans, dank forests and graffiti – expect a broad spectrum of landscapes that make up the state of California.

By: Vogz


The SF BAY producer just dropped his latest record, RiViERA. The 10 track album is made up of of a mixture of mostly hip-hop instrumentals, that flow effortlessly from start to finish. Super laid-back vibes with addicting melodies, AiRLOCKE does it again with RiViERA. With a handful of records within the last few years, the producer continues to impress.

Stream Full Album: http://spacexsound.bandcamp.com/album/riviera

Thriftworks – Fadest


As promised, Thriftworks has released Fadest, his third and final installment to the series. With Fade, Fader and Fadest now available for our listening pleasure – Thriftworks has brought us an entire collection of experimental electronic music (54 tracks in total) to groove to. All three parts possess a very unique-original  sound to them, solidifying Thriftworks as one solid producer. Incase you missed the first three, peep em below.

Standout Track – “GhostHustler”

Fade | Fader | Fadest