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Studios Planning Trilogy To End With ‘King Kong Vs. Godzilla’

Theatrical poster for John Beck’s 1962 production King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are joining forces to bring a trilogy featuring the iconic big screen monsters Godzilla and King Kong together on the big screen. The process is already underway, with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts‘ (The Kings of Summer, Nick Offerman: American Ham) upcoming Kong: Skull Island as the first entry, expected in theaters this March. From there the studios, namely Warner Bros., will release a sequel to Godzilla, with director Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Star Wars: Rogue One) hopefully returning to lead the project, followed by the grand finale that will likely see the two monsters battle it out or join forces against a new foe. Some concerns have been brought up about the comparable size of the two monsters. Edwards brought his Godzilla creature to an epic scale in the 2014 flick, but King Kong is supposed to be able to climb and hang from the top of the Empire State Building. The studios are sure, however, that they will be able to resolve this issue and the productions are, as of now, all set to move forward. We’ll keep an eye out for further news.

[MADE] Our City’s True Beauty – Pt.1

Reflection copy

(Throwback to September14’s MADE Collection)

Grab your gloves, head lamps and bandanas, because you are going to need these to truly experience the ins and outs when exploring. This last Saturday, it was a beautiful fall day to see some of Minneapolis’ brighter sides to the city. Some might call it an eye sore from a far, but others see opportunity for expression.

Broke copy

As we made our way through the abandon mill, it became apparent that you better know what the hell you are doing or else you might end up as another statistic. If you are looking to make it to the top, prepare for a workout and bring your A game. Although it might not be the hardest thing, one false move would be costly. Oh, and don’t look down!

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Is it worth the hour climb? 100% would say yes – you can pretty much see the world from the top, and it is definitely something to soak in. This was one of two spots that we hit on our journey. In other words, stay tuned tomorrow for pt.2 as we show the complete view from the top, as well as some more pics from the second spot ¡ Enjoi !

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Tight-Rope Walker Nik Wallenda Sets Records In Skies Over Chicago Skyline

Last weekend saw two world records set in the skies overlooking the Chicago River by stunt tight-rope walker Nik Wallenda. Wallenda first performed a 454-foot walk that was also at a 19-degree incline between the Marina Tower West and the Leo Burnett Building on Wacker Drive more than 500 feet above the river. For his second performance Wallenda then blindfolded himself and walked a 94-foot rope between the the two Marina Tower buildings, which was also more than 500 feet above the city streets. The stunt daredevil did both walks without a safety net or harness and the event was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel on Sunday night, even though the producers put a 10-second delay on the video in the event that Wallenda actually fell from the rope. Wallenda has also done walks across locations that include Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. This stunt in Chicago has earned him two new world records, one for largest incline and the other for farthest distance blindfolded. If you missed the live broadcast you can check out Nik’s blindfold walk between the Marina Towers here on MADE.

Playing Tetris on Philadelphia’s Cira Centre Skyscraper

Drexel professor, Frank Lee, hacked the 29-story Cira Centre Building in Philadelphia to play Tetris, all in honor of the 30th anniversary of the game. While using joysticks, like the original, those in attendance were able to play the largest game of Tetris recorded. This rather short video showcases the fluidity of this live action Tetris game. Now let’s see some one step up and do Pacman.