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Dogwood Coffee Bar

The Dogwood Coffee Bar is one of the premier places to get a cup of joe. Freshly roasted beans and experienced baristas make for a great local brew. Located in the heart of uptown, Dogwood coffee can often times be overlooked by all the other shops. It doesn’t help that they put the coffee bar in the mall, which makes it rather hard to see from the outside. When it comes down to it, the Dogwood Coffee Company certainly knows their stuff.  Each individual cup of coffee is brewed with care through a “manual” brewing process, where they use a Chemex coffee maker or a Clever Coffee Dripper. Dogwood coffee is freshly roasted in NE, Minneapolis, making for some of the best beans around. This is a highly recommended stop for coffee drinkers.

3001 Hennepin Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Monday-Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 8am-9pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Victories Dirt Wolf Double IPA is a real man’s IPA. This mighty brew is smooth well before you even sip it. Dirt Wolf pours a hazy goldish color while mixed with the scent of a god. Throughout each sip, there’s a rush of grapefruit present; I would say it is more of a sweeter honey taste somewhere present in it as well. There is no doubt that this one will be leaving  you with one choice, to have another. Anyways . . . this DIPA is the real deal.

Indeed has recently released the holy grail of American Black Ales. This Double Black ale finds a way to almost completely hide its boozy 11.5% ABV.  Right now the beer can only be found at local liquor stores around MPLS in a big bomber bottle; otherwise your best luck is straight from the source (their brewery).

After one sip of this brew, it has your head spinning and your taste buds jumping. One can’t help but notice the piney hops with a nice blend of citrus, all backed by some toasty malts with cocoa.  While it is a rather spendy brew, it is hands down one of the better Black Ales around.

[MADE] Brews of the Week


It is that time of the year my friends. Every Valentines Day, Boulevard Brewery’s highly sought after Chocolate Ale is released. This cocoa infused ale just hit the shelves yesterday (mainly in the KC area), and it is safe to say its pretty much sold out already. From my brief time living there, this was a great day for beer lovers to rejoice and share the limited time release.

The brew only comes in a bomber with a corked top, for a relatively low price around $10. After popping the cork and getting the initial smell of delicious chocolate, it is officially game on. The beer is so well balanced between the bitter chocolaty notes and nut malt flavor. It is safe to say It leaves you wanting every last drop.

Don’t worry people, this brew should surface in a few weeks in the Minneapolis area. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the ever delicious Chocolate Ale in a nearby pub or liquor store.


Lake Monster Brewery is one of the latest breweries to emerge in Minnesota.  Their beer is currently being produced in Wisconsin, but they hail out of the MPLS area. It is a unique set up for the time being, but it is apparently working out pretty damn well.

While both of their flagship brews taste great, the Empty Rowboat IPA is absolutely our favorite. This IPA is a  rather citrusy-hopped brew serving to be smooth from start to finish. While It is  a rather sweet beer, it is still backed with a dry finish. The single-hopped IPA really delivers as a very drinkable brew. It look like Sweet Child of Vine found its main competitor.