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[MADE] Brew of the Week

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The Golden Nugget IPA, is the first IPA I have sought after in sometime, and it was definitely worth the wait. Made by Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., out of Iowa, I’m surprised to have never seen this on our shelves here in MPLS.

The beer is as advertised: pours a solid golden color and is packed with flavor. The brew has a medium body with citrus flavored hops. While this brew is lighter in hops, it allows for one smooth and refreshing IPA that can be drank for any occasion.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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This weeks beer goes out to Surly’s ninth anniversary release, appropriately titled NEIN. The Imperial Smoked Dunkelweizen was inspired by Surly’s head brewer, Todd Haug’s trip to Bamberg, Germany. The bottle, which you may recognize, also features the familiar Erica Williams intricate artwork.

I’m not one to over hype, but this beer is absolutely a must try. This might possibly be my personal favorite from the highly sought after brewery. Brewed using hefeweizen yeasts and oak-smoked wheat – this beer evolves with every sip. You might taste cocoa, vanilla, banana, and smokey wood, to name a few. This beer is insanely complex, yet so balanced. Seriously, sitting at 10%ABV, I could hardly taste a drop of alcohol. If you come across one sitting on the shelf, please do yourself a favor and purchase a bottle and enjoy.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

As chocolate peanut butter porters start to become full effect this season, we came across another that came out on top. The brew is made by our brothers to the east in Wisconsin, at Horny Goat Brewing. If haven’t tried a brew of this style, I highly recommend it.

This brew pours thick and dark as molasses, with a yellowish head to it. This beer is what I like to call a dessert beer, because you can only have one. Rich in chocolate and peanut butter, this beer is bold and rich in roasted malts with a creamy marshmallow feel to it – it’s delicious. Overall, it is very well balanced  in flavors, mixing both chocolate and peanut butter – even those who hate dark beers tend to enjoy this one. Sitting at a solid 6.5% ABV, you are getting your money worths with this brew. Grab a sixer and enjoy!

By: KVogez

[MADE] Brew of the Week


It has been a minute since we have featured a beer from Minneapolis’ Indeed Brewery. Just recently, a friend stumbled across a bottle from a local liquor store – so we did what was best and drank it.  While the beer is out of season, it seems to have aged to perfection.

The Mexican Honey, is an Imperial Lager that sits at a whopping 8.7% ABV. The beer tastes nearly as they advertise. The brew has smooth pale malts, citrus hops and a light taste of honey and biscuits. Absolutely is this one a must try, especially for those who aren’t into the hoppier beers. Keep your eyes open for a bottle and drink up!

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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As we wind down our fine year of 2015, we continue to locate and find unique delicious beers to drink. Over the past week or so, Stone Brewery’s 24 Carrot Golden, stood out the most. The carrot cake inspired Belgian Style-Ale, is one to try just for the experience. If you’re not a fan of carrot cake, then maybe not so much.

While this beer has had mixed reviews by many, don’t let that fool you. It’s not often that you will ever find a beer such as this one. The beer has an intense initial taste of spices and semisweet raisin like flavors. There are subtle notes of cinnamon, vanilla and carrots to go with it. Honestly, this beer is the closet thing you can come to tasting like an actual carrot cake, yet keep a belgian beer undertone. Sitting at 8.4% ABV, this beer will keep you on your toes.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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We are back at it with a new Brew of the week. This brew featured above, might possibly be one of the best imperial stouts around. Bell’s Brewery has released a limited amount of their 30th Anniversary Ale’s, which is an Imperial Stout. This brew is modeled after their Expedition Stout, which is an ode the brewery’s 30th birthday.

After pouring into a glass, I couldn’t help but notice the thick motor oil color of this one. As you can see, absolutely no light shines through. With little to no head, the 30th anniversary ale was ready to drink on the spot. The brew had flavors of fruits and dark chocolate, with nicely roasted malts – all while sitting at a solid 11% ABV. For a brew this strong, it was as smooth as ever. After recently having the 2015 edition of Surly’s beloved Darkness – I firmly believe Bell’s has a better beer on their hands. If you come across a six pack of these, they are a must try. Enjoy!

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Strap up your with your drinking shoes because October is nearly upon us. This week we feature yet another Oktoberfest and rightfully so. Sierra Nevada teamed up with Brauhaus Riegele to make one tasty seasonal brew.

The beer is being hyped by many, so I figured I’d snag a sixer. Well, no need to waste time, because this one is up there with the best. The beer pours a nice gold color and immediately smells of honey and malts. The beer has a great balance of caramel, malts, nuts, and a dry hop finish. Crisp, clear and very little head – this ones gone before you know it. For $7.99 a six pack, you can never go wrong with anything Sierra Nevada does, and this one is up there with the best Oktoberfest’s on the market.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

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In support of beer and the triumphant milestone of NASA reaching Pluto, we decided to feature some limited rare releases from Bell’s Planet Series. In addition to that, this weekend marks one the most visible days with Venus being lit next to the moon.

Bell’s Jupiter, is an imperial brown ale brewed with seven varieties of malt and mixed hops – this brown ale is absolutely one of a kind. Sitting at an astonishing 8% ABV, this one will have you faded quick. Jupiter also features well balanced flavors of roasted biscuits and chocolate, to make for one delicious brew. This one is a must buy.

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Venus. This planet is as interesting as this beer. While this one is certainly not my favorite, it is still worthy of a mention. I mean, how many beers have you tried that were brewed with Apricot, Vanilla, and Cardamon.

The ingredients say it all with this one. Sweetness of Vanilla, tartness of Apricots and a spicy profile with Cardamon. It is a whirlwind of flavors that are quite confusing to the palate, but yet, I find it to be a decent beer. This one sits at 7.5% ABV, which you cannot taste one bit. Keep a look out for these brews this weekend and let us know what you think.

By: Vogz

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Only one brew featured this week, but it is definitely one well worth it.  The brewery out of New York, Southern Tier, makes some not so common beers. Anything from a creme brûlée beer, to their belgian styled IPA such as the Tier De Garde – they have everything and then some. Over the weekend, a local liquor store had these big bomber beers 50% off and I just couldn’t resist.

This belgian styled IPA is brewed has some added flavor with grapefruit peels, making for one damn good beer. The limited brew, which is only available once a year, pours a deep golden orange color, as if it were damn near a glass of orange juice. After my first sip, I was immediately surprised by how much flavor it had. Extreme citrus flavors balanced with hops and spices – the Beer De Garde is refreshing and smoother than ever to drink. Sitting at a solid 8.1% ABV, this might be my favorite beer from the New Yorkers out of Southern Tier.

Get Ready. . . For A New Flagship Summit Beer!


Beer lovers let us rejoice! One of Minnesota’s top breweries is preparing to release a new brew to their growing lineup. Summit’s upcoming Hopvale Organic Ale, is a session ale set to be released this upcoming April. Made entirely from organic malts, four types of hops and lemon peels – Summit seeks to add a some pizazz to their flagship lineup with this session IPA. Make sure to stay tuned for more here, as we promise to follow up with a review come April.