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The Blue Door Pub (Longfellow)

Blue Door

Location: 3448 42nd Ave, Minneapolis
Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11AM-11PM, Fri-Sat: 11AM-Midnight

The cheeseburger is about as American as it gets, whether you’re kickin back at a dive bar or eating at one of the fanciest places in town, you’re sure to find one on the menu. As we all know, Minneapolis is home to a unique brand of burger, the Jucy Lucy. While Marquee restaurants like Matt’s Bar and 5-8’s Club fight over inventors rights, one place in the Twin Cities has created an entirely new lane for the cheese-filled burgers. The Blue Door Pub has quickly risen the ranks to becoming the “go to” place to get “Minneapolis’ burger” or the popular blue-cheese filled Blucy, the good people at The Blue Door are taking things to the next level. The original St. Paul location is great (a tad small), but Minneapolis’ Longfellow location has them beat by a mile. The dining room is much larger resulting in shorter wait times and a more enjoyable atmosphere. Throw in $2 drafts from local brewers (Indeed, Summit) during happy hour (2PM-5PM) and a clear cut winner starts to emerge. The menu is chalk full of tasty Frankenstein like burgers, take the “Hawaiian” for example. This Jucy Lucy comes stuffed with pineapple, Canadian bacon and mozzarella cheese making for an extremely daunting sight when placed in front of you. Bacon Lucy? Sure, stuffed with cheddar and bacon it’s definitely a favorite among regulars. All in all, The Blue Door Pub is for the adventurous; Matt’s Bar retains it’s true spot as THE home of the Jucy Lucy, but The Blue Door Pub is for people who want to spice things up. If you’re ever in the Longfellow area, or if you some how manage to get a table in St. Paul; stop in and grab yourself one of the Cities’ best burgers.

Vita.mn Rates Blue Door Pub #1 Burger

Earlier this week, Vita.mn released this years top restaurants by each category. Among one of the categories was Minneapolis’s top ten places to snag a burger; Blue Door reached the number one spot. The burgers are gourmet style burgers, Aside from the the traditional bar burger; they like to put a spin on everything. Whether it’s the Jiffy burger (heavy amounts of peanut butter), or the original Blucy burger (garlic spices and blue cheese), they seem to have a little something for everybody. Other than the wacky and unique style of burgers, they decided to make each burger affordable for anyone priced at $6.50-$7.50. Another reason why they reached the number one spot, you can make any burger a Cowboy for another $1; this adds BBQ sauce, cheese, and a few battered onion rings, need i say more.

Top Ten 

  1. Blue Door Pub
  2. 5-8 Club
  3. The Nook
  4. Matt’s Bar
  5. The Bulldog N.E.
  6. The Harriet Brasserie
  7. Republic
  8. Town Hall Brewery
  9. Burger Jones
  10. Red Cow