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Billionaire Boys Club Hats 2017 via Jugrnaut

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Chicago streetwear boutique Jugrnaut is one of the nation’s most consistent suppliers of fresh BBC. They recently received a bunch of new hats from the brand and they’re pretty damn clean. The classic “Arch” and “Helmet” logos are both present, but their new iterations of the “Rocket” and “Atmosphere” looks steal the show. The “Rocket” golf hats will run you $42, while the other 3 are all marked at $50; click the link below for a better look if you like what you see.

BBC Hats via Jugrnaut

Billionaire Girls Club Now Available @ Jugrnaut

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Jugrnaut recently stepped their game up by stocking Billionaire Girls Club for all the ladies out their who love the brand. Hard to find in many markets, it’s dope to see shops starting to carry more and more female brands alongside the guys’. Check out some of their stock above and click the link below for the whole collection on their web-store.

BGC @ Jugrnaut

Jugrnaut “12 Days of Christmas” Sale (BBC)


Location: 427 S Dearborn Street, Chicago

Yesterday, Jugrnaut kicked off their “12 Days of Christmas” sale with 40% off on ALL Mishka items. For the 2nd day, they’re offering the same deal (40% off) on ALL BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) apparel, they’re even throwing in a clearance section at 50% off. In addition to the in-store offerings, those of us living out of state can still join in by entering the code “bbc40” when checking out online. With 2 top tier brands already out of the picture, it’ll be interesting to see who’s next.