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Chicago’s Grant Park Skatepark

Over the past weekend, Chicago opened up the brand new Grant Park Skatepark. The expansive skatepark is located just east of Agora Sculpture, off of Roosevelt Road. Peep the quick 3mn video showcasing their grand opening from last Saturday – it looks to be a hotspot for all sorts of riders.

Venier Custom Motorcycles – 999VX

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Venier Customs recently remodeled and redesigned the 2003 Ducati 999s testastretta, coppa bassa. The new and improved 999VX is restyled to look completely naked, showing off all of its added parts including the taillights, muffler, wheels and seat. Once again we have another sexy machine being beautifully crafted by Venier Customs.

Each bike from the company is remodeled and re-styled to  their liking, using top notch quality. If you like what you see here, visit Venier Customs.

Solar-Powered Keyless Entry Bike Lock


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Alright, so these bike posts couldn’t come at a better time. Now that it is nice out, it seems like bicycles continue to dominate the majority of the roads downtown. After being introduced to this new bike lock, I was pretty surpised something this efficient and advanced was already on the market.

The Skylock, is a solar powered bike lock that works by using keyless entry. One can simply lock and unlock the Skylock with a simple touch of a button from a smartphone. The lock links up to bluetooth, which also allows you to add friends and family to the same lock. The somewhat traditional styled U-Lock also features an alarm for theft, as well as crash alerts incase anything bad happens to you or your bike. It should also be noted, that if you don’t have your phone with you, one can simple key in a combination using the touch pad to unlock the Skylock. It looks like the ex-designers from Boeing and Jawbone have thought of just about everything for these locks.

Interested? Get yours now for $159 at https://skylock.cc

Skylock In Action


Yamaha XS650 Thrive Motorcycle

This badass bike was essentially designed by a wood-burning stove as its main influence. The motorcycle was built entirely by Thrive Motorcycle from Jakarta.  The free flowing original design makes for one elegant bike. The machine is an original build, which makes it all the more special. Stroll through the pics and look out for more from Thrive.