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Sofia Coppola And Others Win Top Prizes As 70th Cannes Film Festival Wraps


The 70th Cannes Film Festival wrapped up this year with several big surprises. The Killing of a Sacred Deer and You Were Never Really Here both tied for the best screenplay award. Sofia Coppola became the first female director to win the Best Director award at Cannes in 56 years for The Beguiled, an adaptation of Thomas Cullinan’s Civil War novel about a wounded soldier who takes refuge among the inhabitants of a girls’ school in Virginia. Joaquin Phoenix and Diane Kruger were awarded best actor awards for their respective roles in You Were Never Really Here and In The Fade, the latter of which featured Kruger speaking in her native German. Additionally, Nicole Kidman received a special award for her appearances in four of this year’s festival entries, including The Beguiled, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, and Top of the Lake. Other noteworthy entries include BPM (Beats Per Minute), a drama focused around the French gay-rights movement in the early 90s that earned this year’s Grand Prix, and Ruben Östlund’s The Square, about a high-class museum curator who is forced to mingle with lower class members when he is pick-pocketed on the street. A full list of this year’s winners is provided below…. Continue reading

_whtspce – nightfall

A few weeks ago we began getting acquainted with the music of St. Paul producer _whtspce. His latest offering, Pale Cocoon, is described as a “fusion of hip hop rhythm, ambient soundscapes, and glitchy sound design to conceptualize my love (obsession really…) for Bushido and our earths’ moon.” Stoic and unwavering, we found that “nightfall” embodies this very spirit really well. Constant and calculated, yet cold, the instrumental seems to morph as it floats along. Check out “nightfall” above and be on the look out for Pale Cocoon in it’s entirety.

Travis Gorman – It’s Me

Travis Gorman has been having a good year. Over the first 9 months, the producer, who doubles as a DJ; has worked some of the largest stages in Minnesota and a few outside the state. Everything from Soundset to Red Bull Sound Selects across the map, his ties to Finding Novyon and the local Twin Cities hip hop scene are paying dividends. Gorman took to Soundcloud earlier today to release a new instrumental titled, “It’s Me.” Smooth as ever, the track coasts along nicely, one can imagine a variety of flows attacking the friendly beat. No word on if this one will ever manifest into an actual recording, for now roll one up and press play. Thank us later.

Travis Gorman – Purple (Funk)

Travis Gorman took to Twitter yesterday to release a new instrumental via his Soundcloud. Titled “Purple” the record is jazzy yet super funky at the same time, a hard bass line holds the pieces together as the sample plays. No word on if there are any plans for this track, but you can bet there’s a lot more where it came from. Peep “Purple” above and stay tuned for more from Travis Gorman.

[MADE] Recap video – Ish DARR Live @ 7th Street Entry | 12.3.15

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Last week we were lucky enough to catch IshDARR live at 7th Street Entry for what turned out to be a good show. The bill featured Ish, Maolu, and TIIIIIIIIIIP among others, the only damper was the all ages designation. His first time back since his opening set for GoldLink, IshDARR didn’t waste much time getting into his fan favorites. Local up and comer Maolu also did his thing warming up, but again the only downfall was the all ages crowd… The type of crowd that’s kind of awkward to film/shoot. All in all the show was good and IshDARR and crew did their thing, check out some pics above and our recap video below.

Noosance “DEATHWISH”


A while back we received a beat tape all the way from southern Cali featuring producer Noosance. Titled DEATHWISH, the 10 track project shows off a variety of sounds suitable for a range of different styles. Although some of the instrumentals are a bit repetitive, most of them have a solid sound that can no doubt be worked on upon buying/leasing. The current landscape of hip hop permits this type of range in sounds and Noosance does a good job encapsulating that. Check out DEATHWISH below and send Noosance an e-mail at the link below if you’re interested.


[MADE] Recap – Prophetta and John Shrimpnose w/ Special Guests Live @ 7th Street Entry | 8.2.15 | Pt.1

7thShrimp_8-John Shrimpnose14– Prophetta

22-Rich Garvey7thShrimp_40– Finding Novyon, Rich Garvey and Devon Reason7thShrimp_79-Chantz Erolin7thShrimp_53 -Write Groove7thShrimp_24-Sayth & North House7thShrimp_82-Killstreak


This past Sunday night, MADE helped sponsor a night of strictly hip-hop music. The featured all of the artists listed above, with some special guests thrown in as well. With new and upcoming artists, and already established artists in the MPLS scene – we had one hell of an evening planned.

If you are just now hearing of some of these names, go do what you do and make sure to take a listen. As Minneapolis continues to climb the ranks and gather national attention in the music industry, it is important not to miss a beat (no pun intended). Take a glance at the pics above and stay tuned for the full album to be posted tomorrow.

Stay locked here for many more events to come.

By: K-Vogz

Dr. Dre’s Long-Awaited Album ‘Compton: A Soundtrack’ Available Today


In anticipation of the upcoming NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, original member Dr. Dre will be releasing his first studio album since 1999’s iconic album 2001. The new album is called Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre and will be Dre’s third studio release. Fans have been waiting for Dre’s next studio release ever since he announced a new album titled Detox would be forthcoming in 2002. Since then, however, the album’s release has been put on hold several times, owing to various outside projects, including developing his record label Aftermath Entertainment with artists like Eminem and 50 Cent, and his Beats by Dre series. However rumors persisted throughout the last decade about the album’s existence, fueled by artists like Snoop Dogg who claimed to have heard the project in its entirety. Then in 2010, Dre released the single ‘Kush’, and then another single the next year with Eminem titled ‘I Need A Doctor’, which the two performed together at the 2011 Grammy Awards. Then back in July, Dre announced that the original Detox conception had been scrapped for a new project inspired by the new movie Straight Outta Compton that would be released in August, and tomorrow that album will finally be available for fans! Dre has also announced that the artist royalties from the new project will be donated to the city of Compton to fund an art center for upcoming and aspiring artists in the area. So fans, rejoice! and check out the new album on Apple Music today. Straight Outta Compton opens in theaters August 14th.

[MADE] Glow Mechanics Live @ 612 Brew 6.14.15


GMechanics_15 copy

GMechanics_11 copy

Yesterday, 612 Brewery kicked off their summer concert series, which featured a slew of local artists. After some rain in the early part of the day, the weather held and made for great evening of music. One of the closing shows, Glow Mechanics, came out ready with a high energy performance. With a wide variety of songs in hand, they made sure to include some unreleased material, which sounded better than ever. From the looks of it, we expect a new record to be released very soon. Take a look through some of the highlights from the evening below, and make sure to stay locked for more from Glow Mechanics.


John Shrimpnose “Naps”

John Shrimpnose’s most recent project, Naps, continues to see rotation in our decks and for good reason. At a breezy 15 minutes, The Twin Cities artists/producer put together a solid collection of instrumentals that span a wide variety of sounds. A good soundtrack to accompany a lazy summer day or one hanging out by the lake; check out Naps above and stay tuned for more from John Shrimpnose.