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Bauhaus Brew Labs


Bauhaus Brew Labs. Aesthetically pleasing, tasty brews, all tucked neatly in the heart of the Brew District (NE Minneapolis). If you were to ask me what my favorite brewery is to attend, it is now Bauhaus Brew Labs. With open space, a large covered outdoor area with lights hanging overhead; it is the perfect place to go with larger groups.


Bauhaus also has an outdoor/indoor stage for live music, board games, bag toss, and a kid play area. These are all things that make this brewery unique to the scene around it. Just a block down from 612 Brew, placed alongside the railroad tracks, Bauhaus Brew Labs is just the new brewery we needed to liven up the brewery scene yet again.



The Liquid Zoo 2017

Location: 1315 Tyler Street NE, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, May 20th // Noon-10PM

Art-A-Whirl weekend is finally here and there’s a lot of fun things going on throughout Northeast Minneapolis. The good people from Bauhaus Brew Labs will once again pack their enormous parking lot with an awesomely curated lineup. Bauhaus will host a couple of events this weekend, but Saturday’s is clearly the main event. The evening will feature performances from Caroline Smith, Heiruspecs, Communist Daughter, Black Market Brass, and Zuluzuluu to name a few; you’d be hard pressed to find a better show for FREE. This event is all ages (21+ to drink), but they also kindly ask everyone to leave their dogs at home. Click the link below for more information regarding what else Bauhaus has in store for Art-A-Whirl weekend.

The Liquid Zoo 2017 via Facebook

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Great Pumpkin Imperial Stout 12 oz label

The first beer featured this week is Millstream’s Great Pumpkin Imperial Stout. Millstream’s brews have been hit or miss, so we figured why not give it a try. While I do no love this brew, I personally think it is worth a taste.

The brew is only $7.99 for a four pack, which is a very reasonable price for any imperial stouts. As a fair warning, once you crack this one open, it is going to have some good head on it – so pour cautiously. This brew tastes rather unique, mostly reminding me of a homebrew. With a thick layer of hoppy/malt residue on the bottom, its is apparent this stout is still in the experimental stages and lacks some attention to detail. The pumpkin comes off sweet and spicy up front with a little booziness that lingers, which is surprising. If you are willing to take the risk, we say try it while it lasts.


Northeast Minneapolis has a bold new brewery in town with Bauhaus Brew Labs. Within the last month, Bauhaus already released their flagship lineup in cans for our drunkin enjoyment. While they are all delicious, the Stargazer stands out as a personal favorite.

Stargazer is a German Schwarzbier that definitely delivers. The brew pours a darker amber color, but yet light enough to see through it. If you’re not a fan of a sweet malty/nutty tasting brew, then the Stargazer is not for you. This highly drinkable beer also possesses a nice creamy feel on the tongue, making for one smooth Shwarzbier.