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Check Your Local Listings For ‘Papa Hemingway in Cuba’ This Friday

A new biographical drama titled Papa Hemingway in Cuba is opening in select theaters this Friday. The film comes from indie producer/director Bob Yari (Crash, The Illusionist) about young journalist Ed Meyers who, in 1959, travels to Havana to meet his idol Ernest Hemingway in the midst of the Cuban Revolution. Yari directed the film from a script that was written by an old friend of Hemingway, himself: a war correspondent named Denne Bart Petitclerc, who sadly was never able to get the project into full production before he died. Starring in the lead roles of Meyers and Hemingway are actors Giovanni Ribisi (Saving Private Ryan, Avatar) and Adrian Sparks (The Manhattan Project, The Purge: Anarchy), who are supported by James Remar (X-Men: First Class, Django Unchained), Joely Richardson (The Patriot, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Shaun Toub (The Kite Runner, Iron Man 3), and Minka Kelly (Just Go With It, The Path). Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter, Mariel Hemingway, is also making a cameo appearance in the film. The trailer is available on MADE. Be sure to look for it in theaters in your area this weekend.

New Suspense-Thriller ‘The Loft’ Now Playing In Theaters

Director Erik Van Looy‘s new suspenseful thriller The Loft is now playing in theaters this weekend. Starring Karl Urban (The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers, The Bourne Supremacy), James Marsden (X-Men, Lee Daniel’s The Butler), Wentworth Miller (Prison Break, Underworld), Eric Stonestreet (Almost Famous, Bad Teacher), and Mattias Schoenaerts (Blackbook, Bullhead), the film comes from a script by Bart De Pauw and Wesley Strick about five friends who buy a loft to carry out their illustrious affairs away from their wives, but when a woman turns up dead in the loft, all hell breaks out and no one knows who to trust. You can see the trailer here on MADE. The Loft opens Friday, January 30th.

‘The Loft’ Scheduled To Close Out The Month With January 30th Release-Date

January 2015 will close out with a new thriller from director Erik Van Looy (Shades, The Memory of a Killer) titled The Loft. The film is a new Americanized version of Looy’s 2008 foreign thriller Loft, written by screenwriter Bart De Pauw (Team Spirit, The Mole), who co-wrote the new adaptation with fellow screenwriter Wesley Strick (Cape Fear, Final Analysis). Leading the cast are actors Karl Urban (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Bourne Supremacy), James Marsden (X2:X-Men United, Superman Returns), Wentworth Miller (Underworld, Prison Break), Eric Stonestreet (Almost Famous, Identity Thief), and Matthias Schoenaerts (Bullhead, Rust and Bone) as five friends who go-in together on a secret loft where they can have their elicit affairs and outlandish indulgences. The plot turns, however, when the friends find a dead woman in the loft and begin to suspect each other of the crime. The trailer is here on MADE. Check it out in theater next Friday, January 30th.

Black Dave Skates For Been Trill

There’s nothing “Trill” about New York City based brand “Been Trill”, whether it’s releasing $100 shoe laces or mindless designs aimed at the hypest of the hypebeasts; I can’t really call myself a fan of what they do. With that being said, Black Dave is super dope whether it’s rapping or shredding. In the above clip Dave skates in Been Trill apparel showing that he is far from just a rapper who “likes” skateboarding. Check out the above clip and stay tuned for more as Black Dave rides the success of his recent project “Black Bart”.

Black Dave – Black Bart (Mixtape)


The kid Black Dave has been buzzing more and more as 2013 marches on, just as things couldn’t get any hotter he drops his highly anticipated mixtape “Black Bart”. If you saw our earlier post, you might remember Stunna Man of “The Pack” voicing his opinion on the whole Skate/Rap fusion scene, either way Black Dave decided to drop “Black Bart”; no matter who “pioneered what”. Check out the tape below.

Black Dave – Take It Back (Video)

Up and coming rapper/skater Black Dave has released a visual for his track “Take it Back” off of his upcoming mixtape “Black Bart”. The NYC spitter has come under small fire from Bay Area rapper Stunna Man who is apparently dropping a tape with the same name. Stunna has made it clear via Twitter that he feels he is a pioneer of the skate/rap fusion and that he should be “paid homage”. Interesting to say the least….We wish the best for Black Dave and hope he continues to drop dope records and dope videos. Check out the visual above, it has that K.I.D.S feel.

Black Dave – “Black Bart” (Trailer)

It seems Black Dave is back at it again as a new trailer for his upcoming mix tape “Black Bart” has surfaced. The title is pretty fitting as Dave is also one of New York City’s rising skaters, take a look at the video above as Dave skates like the wind to his next single “Million Man March”.