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HBO x Banksy: “Better Out Than In” Documentary

Banksy bust in Blissville Queens, NYC

HBO has announced a pretty cool documentary following British street artist Banksy’s, extended stay in New York City last year. Banksy’s month long residency is called Better Out Than In and apparently HBO will present the documented Film to the masses this fall. There was a lot of controversy surrounding some of Banksy’s pieces during the residency with many people speaking out against it. November 17th is the date to mark on your calender, re-dubbed Banksy Does New York, the documentary will air in it’s entirety.

Banksy Hits England

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British street artist Banksy, is back on the streets in anticipation of his upcoming HBO documentary, Banksy Does New York. The first piece has since been removed, but depicted a flock of xenophobic pigeons casting out a colorful bird that’s obviously from a different environment. Banksy loves to get political so this may be a commentary on the current ebola crisis in Africa? The second piece shows an elderly lady staring at a removed piece of art, touching on street art’s beauty, yet short life span. Peep the pics above and be on the look out for more from Banksy as the release of Banksy Does New York draws closer.

Banksy Robin Williams Tribute?


Pictures of a supposed Robin Williams have been making the rounds on the internet with many believing it was painted by Banksy himself. Let’s get this straight, just because something is stenciled does not mean it was done by Banksy, especially in the wake of his ever-rising popularity. That being said, it’s definitely possible. The image shows William’s holding a clown head in a noose, dark, but fitting considering the circumstances of his death. Banksy hasn’t taken credit and probably wont, for now we’re left to ponder the possibilities.

Banksy “Back To The Roots” Day 3

It seems British street artist Banksy is indeed planning on conquering Paris in similar fashion to his previous residency of New York City. For day 3 of “Back To The Roots” Banksy created a cellophane figure positioned as if it were feeding pigeons in the park, the piece is accompanied by the tagline “Feed the pigeons…..One day they’ll feed you”. Check out the short clip above and keep an eye out for what’s in store from one of Britain’s best.

Banksy Begins “Back To The Roots” Paris Residency?


October 1st, British artist Banksy took to the streets of New York City launching a month long residency entitled “Better Out Than In”. Yesterday the people of Paris were greeted with the above stencil, today they saw the second; is this the beginning of round 2? Banksy has taken to the web in similar fashion to “Better Out Than In” with a website titled “Back To The Roots”. As for now there’s no official info regarding a second residency but everything is lining up right, guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.

Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 31


A little late on this one, but British street artist Banksy has finally concluded his “Better Out Than In” residency of New York City. His final piece is a simple balloon print stencil of his name, complete with a jpeg image of his signature NYC t-shirt. Word on the street is that the city of New York has already erased the tag, however a lot of the other pieces can still be found around the city. Banksy left the NYC print up to his fans to actually go out and get printed for clothing purposes, if you’re interested it’s 100% up to you. No news on what’s next for the Brit, but we’re sure it wont be long before he makes his mark again.

Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 30


As Banksy wraps up his “Better Out Than In” residency of New York City, Day 30 pops out as one of my favorites. The Brit took on the legendary Yankee Stadium as a canvas, painting a leopard stencil along the wall. If you’ve ever been to the Big Apple, you know that the city can indeed take on a “Concrete Jungle” like feeling. This might not be one of his most provocative or satirical, but in my opinion it’s definitely one of the better pieces over the entirety of the exhibition. Today is day 31 marking the end of “Better Out Than In”, stay tuned for the conclusion to what’s been a wild ride.

Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 29


British street artist Banksy seems to have taken a more classical approach to Day 29 of his month long “Better Out Than In” residency in New York City. Entitled “The Banality of The Banality of Evil”, Banksy is said to have bought the painting for $50 from a New York City thrift store and replaced it a couple days later. Initial reports are estimating that the newly painted piece will now fetch up to $1,000,000 and of course is no longer for sale to the general public. Stay tuned for more as Banksy wraps up “Better Out Than In” tomorrow.

Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 28


Banksy continues his “Better Out Than In” campaign with an interesting piece located in Brooklyn’s Coney Island neighborhood. The piece shows a “caught in the act” looking robot spray painting a barcode while a pigeon flies from the scene. Initially one might be confused by the image, but upon further inspection you’ll come to find a few discreet clues. The numbers under the barcode read “132741”, when plugged into google; the number set is the exact set indicating the number code for navy blue. No confirmation on whether there is any correlation, but the NYPD wears a strikingly similar shade of blue and many have interpreted the pigeon as another warning that the police are present (Training Day). Reading in too much? Maybe, either way another dope piece from the British street artist; stay tuned for the conclusion to “Better Out Than In” this week.

Banksy Resumes “Better Out Than In”


After cancelling yesterday’s piece for his “Better Out Than In” exhibition, Banksy has resumed the campaign with a new piece entitled “Waiting in Vein”. The street artist chose a good location as the stencil resides on the door to New York City’s famous Hustler Club, an establishment dedicated entirely to nude dancing. Not sure if Banksy is just anti-everything or if a stripper once broke his heart, hopefully the piece lasts awhile as the door is completely removable; don’t be surprised if it pops up at one of the city’s many auction houses.