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Vinyl Is Finally Taking Back The Music Industry As CD Sales Plummet


I’ve been saying it for years: vinyl is the way to go and Millennials are finally catching on! Best Buy announced this week that its stores will stop selling CDs (compact discs) altogether this July 1. Meanwhile vinyl sales have been steadily rising over the last few years, becoming, once again, a high-demand item for music retailers who have been struggling to compete with digital streaming services and music downloaded from the Internet. According to The Guardian, vinyl sales saw a 53% increase between 2015 and 2016, the highest sales numbers for vinyl since 1991. Although vinyls have always been kept around by independent retailers like Half Price Books and local stores like Cheapo Records and Electric Fetus here in Minneapolis, retailers like Best Buy and Target have caught up with the trend. As some begin to drop CD sales, none seem to have any plans to stop selling vinyl. Continue reading

Hennepin County Bans. . . E-Cigs?

Hennepin county / Minneapolis has just banned e-cigs from being used on county property, and are continuing to find a way to ban them on buses and trains as well. Their argument is, there has not been enough evidence and research supporting the fact that the second hand smoke (Vapor) does not contain carcinogens. Well shit, I mean it is vapor so you would think not. I know Minnesota in general has been trying to be proactive but, they really didn’t wait long to slow down the whole e-cig craze.