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Dequexatron: A Rap Dance Party


Location: 701 First Avenue N, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, February 14th @ 10PM

The Audio Perm guys will be holding down First Ave’s Record Room tonight. The “Dequexatron” series of dance parties has been going on for awhile now and they’re always a good time. You’ll see sets from DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, Bobby Raps and more of the Audio Perm crew as the night goes along. Perfect spot to bring your Valentine if you’re trying to party/dance the night away. These are always 18+ and the door is only $5, if you don’t have more discrete plans make sure to stop by.

Audio Perm Dance Party 7 (Recap)

Last weekend, the Audio Perm guys shut First Avenue down. The night featured Bobby Raps, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, Psymun, Adora Tokyo and was hosted by Allan Kingdom. St. Paul definitely brought the party that night, these dudes are on the come up fast. Adam Jacobs from Captain’s Project did a good job with the recap video, check it out above and keep an eye out for Audio Perm’s 8th party.

Bobby Raps x Frankie Bash – Kill (Video)

Just yesterday we posted new music from Bobby Raps and now he’s back with his brethren Frankie Bash. Frankie gets at it first with a razor sharp cadence, while Bobby comes in for the clean up on the 2nd verse. While Frankie continues to wake up those who are still snoozing, Bobby once again displays his versatility for those who want to put him in a box. Whether it’s with the production (they both produce their own stuff) or with the raps, both of these dudes are poised to make this summer theirs. Peep the video above and stay tuned for more from Bobby Raps & Frankie Bash.

Bobby Raps – Part 1: The Exodus


It seems like Bobby Raps has been dropping new music on a weekly basis for the last few weeks, and we aren’t complaining. Bobby has been on his game as of late with a buzz that’s putting him at the forefront of the Twin Cities hip hop scene. As the Spooky Black x Bobby Raps collabs continue rising (100K views 1 week), it’s nice to see Bobby on a solo track showcasing his skills. The track features production from the man himself, taking time to let everyone know that the bandwagon has officially left. Bobby often takes a back seat to some of his peers, but don’t get it twisted; this dude is the full package and that new flow is killin’ shit right now. Check out the record below and keep an eye out for more from Bobby Raps.

Spooky Black x Bobby Raps – Motionless


When people think of how much noise Minnesota’s music scene is generating, most quickly claim that Minneapolis is where all of the talent flocks. This may be changing with the resurgence of St. Paul hip hop behind the likes of Bobby Raps, Allan Kingdom & Spooky Black. You may remember when we posted “Ready” a month ago, since then Spooky Black has gone on to attract the attention of Fader, Ear Milk & Complex; however they mainly chase the videos, labeling the kid “America’s Yung Lean” (C’Mon son?). To top it off, none of these guys seem to recognize how essential Bobby Raps is to their overall sound; dude’s production has been top notch as of late (Can’t forget his raps either). A couple of days ago the duo dropped a new record in the form of “Motionless”, no video yet; but that wont stop us from bumping this. Peep the track below and keep an eye out for more.

Audio Perm Dance Party IV


When:  8.31.13 @ 10 P.M.

This year Greg Grease and Metasota will be hosting the 2013 Audio Perm Dance Party. Expect music by Audio Perm (of course), Ander Other from Doomtree, and Noam the Drummer. It’s $5 to get in, so you really shouldn’t miss out on going for that price.

If you haven’t heard of Audio Perm yet, make sure to peep the video and their site if you like what you hear from the MPLS/ St. Paul natives.