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[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Hop Nosh IPA by Uinta Brewing Company, out of Utah, makes some delicious brews. Roughly a year ago, I snagged a pint of this brew and had completely forgot about it until recently. You can find six packs at better liquor stores in the midwest for $9.99, which is considerably reasonable.

After pouring this beer, it was immediate how present the floral hops were in this one. With a darker amber gold color and a solid head to it, Hop Nosh has quite the presence to it. The brew is out of this world refreshing, loaded with sweet citrus hops, with a creamy smooth texture to it. Sitting at a whopping 7.3% ABV, you really do get some bang for your buck on this brew. This beer is easily comparable to a west coast style IPA, as it is loaded with sweeter orange/tangy notes. Hop Nosh is a helluva beer, and in my eyes a must try.

[RECAP] Glow Mechanics @ Asian Taste | Chipotle Cultivate Minneapolis 8.23.14



Better late than never… well I suppose. That definitely isn’t our motto, but due to some major life changes we have been a little behind on a few projects. As promised, our recap from two weekends ago is finally here. Yeah, it seems like forever, but why not re-live those moments anyways.

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Glow Mechanics threw down at Asian Taste, the familiar hip-hop spot infused with some dynamite asian food; you really cannot go wrong here. If you were part of the modest group that attended that evening, then you were lucky enough to get a nice taste of what is to come from the trio. Two saturdays ago, marked yet abother busy weekend in Minneapolis, and so far things have yet to slow down. 

Glow Mechanics (Pics) 8.24.13

This last Saturday, Glow Mechanics played one of two shows from the weekend. Their show at Asian Taste wrapped up another successful night, with an ever growing audience to back them up. It all started with Beasthead, who opened for Glow Mechanics, which was a good performance as well. As you can see in the pics above, they were having a great time playing for everyone, at where they respectively call their second home. Make sure to stay tuned for consistent & exclusive coverage from Glow Mechanics.



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Glow Mechanics Live @ Asian Taste

Where: 14th and Nicollet

When: TONIGHT – Music @ 10pm

Tonight Glow Mechanics have a free show over at Asian Taste. IF for some reason you are unable to attend on this blistering hot day, try tomorrows show. GM will also be accompanied by their friends from Beasthead. Come out and catch the vibes from one of Minneapolis’ newer Hip-Hop groups, it will be a good time.

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