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Jim’s Polish


Location: Various across the city
Hours: 24/7/365

The city of Chicago is well known for its hot dogs, polishes & pork chop sandwiches; but only few places cook ’em like the guys at Jim’s. Indeed there are various locations on just about every side of Chicago, but the original location near Maxwell Street is the truly great one. Open 24 hours, 365 days a year; the original Jim’s is a mecca for drunken bar goers of all ages, wasted college kids and pretty much anyone looking for good food at too cheap of a price (yes too cheap). That other place down the street (Maxwell’s) might have the best dogs on the block but Jims’ polishes & pork chops blow theirs out of the water. We’ve made many a drunken stops at Jim’s and I can’t remember an occasion when anyone was unsatisfied upon leaving, if you can’t find 1 thing on their menu that you like; you might not be human (or just vegetarian). If you’re ever near U.I.C’s campus or heading south on 94 from downtown, make the stop; it’ll be worth every penny.

[MADE] Brews of the Week


Wow, it has defintatley been awhile since we have put out one of these. To tell you the truth, we pretty much tried everything worth while at our local liquor stores and ran out of ideas. Well, thank the beer gods for seasons, because we have brand new seasonal’s available!

Our first runner up goes out to Millstream’s Oktoberfest. The Iowa brewery continues to impress, as their lineup of brews continues to be great. This Oktoberfest really is one smooth brew. While this style of brew has never been my favorite, Millstream has made me a believer. The incredible creamy smooth taste backed by familiar caramel notes boasts for one medium-heavy bodied brew. It should be noted, that this Oktoberfest has more hop bitterness to it than most of your sweeter versions, which may be why I tend to enjoy this one. At $8.99 a six pack, you simply cannot go wrong.


Victory is one of those breweries that just never lets me down. Whether it’s an IPA, Pilsner, or a Stout – it always hits the spot. Although, the beer itself (in my opinion), is not a traditional Oktoberfest, it is very drinkable.

The brew pours a dark mahogany, but yet appears very crisp and clean. Festbier is much sweeter than Millstream’s version, but it certainly ins’t an overwhelming sweetness. One might say that it has a strong taste of bread to it as well, which follows more of a traditional malty Oktoberfest. If you are still new to Oktoberfest brews and Victory, this one is certainly worth a try.

oPhone – Scents, Sent Through Your Phone


Yes, the technology has finally arrived. If you recall, about a year or two ago on April Fools day, Google “made” an app so you could smell scents through your smartphone. Well, as we all know this was complete bullshit. As it turns out, the makers of the oPhone, DUO, have created the first official device which allows one to send and receive electronic aroma messages. With the device, you can simply send a picture message while selecting the primary and secondary scents of whatever it may be, allowing to perfectly replicate the sent anywhere.

With over 300,000 combinations, the oPhone could change the way we look at our current technology. All you need is both senders/receivers to own the device and regularly change the cartridges (like ink cartridges). Then, simply download the app, take pictures and select your scents, and Wallah!

Feel Free To Learn More At: http://www.onotes.com

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Boulevard’s Sixth Glass


If you follow the Brew of the Week posts, you may be familiar with our love for Boulevard Brewery in Kansas CIty by now. Perhaps it was because I lived there for sometime, or maybe it is the simple fact that these guys continuously release some of the best beer around.

The Sixth Glass, is a Quadrupel that will knock your socks off and have you snoozing before you know it. This brew is loaded with dark fruits, such as plums and raisins, all while being balanced with some caramel sweetness. The beer is very strong, sweet, and not very hoppy whatsoever. The Sixth Glass will have you feeling great anytime you drink it, as it sits at a whopping 10.5% Alc/Vol. You can find this one in either a 4-pack, or as a bomber for $10 each. . It is worth every last drop.

Batch #6 – CITRA Hopped Double IPA


You probably have never seen or tasted this home-brewed MADE affiliated beer, but we are putting the plug on this one for a number of reasons. Batch #6 is by far the best brew from the crew, and it certainly will be making rounds at parties and events this summer. Slightly illegal? Yes, but who the hell cares, it is real tasty and they are free. Everything above is in the works and is subject to change, but as their equipment continues to be upgraded, so is the production and accuracy that comes with the new tools.

This Citra based double IPA, is one that can be drank year round, especially in the warmer seasons that are approaching. Batch #6 is backed heavily with a trio of hops: Citra, Amarillo and Nugget hops, making for more of a sweet and florally DIPA. Sitting at a lower 8% Alc. by volume, this DIPA is smoother than a new Tesla as it hits the pallet nicely. Make sure to stay tuned as more changes are to come.

HighSnobiety: The Inspirations Behind 20 of the Most Well-Known Logos in Streetwear


Alec Banks of High Snobiety recently posted an awesome article detailing the inspirations behind 20 of the most well-known logos in streetwear. You’ll definitely be surprised by some of the explanations while you read about the likes of Nike, The Hundreds, Jordan Brand, Vans and more. A solid piece, fun and easy to read, not to mention informative; click the link below and check it out.

HighSnobiety: The Inspirations Behind 20 of the Most Well-Known Logos in Streetwear

Psymun – Pink Label


With Psymun being on everyone’s radar in Minneapolis’ the producer continues to have the ability to consistently release some of the freshest beats around and shows no signs in stopping. On May 6th, the highly anticipated album, Pink Label, will be released. From the material that is already shared, it looks like the album will further push his ever growing popularity to a new level.

You can pre-order Pink Label digitally for $5/$12 for a physical copy directly through bandcamp.


Sol Bock Revival – Beer, Art , Food and Music Festival


Where: Harriet Brewery | 3036 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406 |

When: Saturday, April 26th, 2014 | 1-10PM | FREE |

As winter still lingers, we slowly inch in the right direction of what we call Spring. While late April and early May spring up with festivals, the best time to live in the in the Midwest is approaching. One of the first outdoor festivals to arrive in MPLS, will be Harriet Breweries Sol Bock Revival.

The Sol Bock Revival will be littered with great beer and free live music, all while accompanied by some of the Twin Cities more successful food trucks. The live music will mostly consist of a variety of local blues/folk artists. If it is anything like the previous festivals at Harriet Brewery, it will make for an all around drunk time.

  • Beer: Sol Bock, Wodan Weizen, West Side, Dark Abbey, Saison Nourrice, Divine Oculust, Woluptuweiss, Sour Series
  • Art: Live Art by Jeff Troldahl,  Shell Kelley & Jesse Brödd
  • Music: Evergreen Grass Band, Roe Family Singers, The Dead Pigeons, No Man’s String Band


[MADE] Brews of The Week

Whether you are an IPA lover or not, this beer has the ability to quench your thirst. Deschutes has once again put together an absolute mouthwatering version of the Fresh Squeeze IPA. The best part about this brew, it is now offered year round as opposed to seasonally.

One can’t help but notice how flavorful and fruity the beer is. A majority of IPAs are rather bitter with a stronger finish. You might taste mango, pineapple or even oranges, all in one swig of this brew. Overall, it has quite a clean finish, all while sitting just above 6% ABV. This beer is an instant favorite and will probably see more sales once Spring and Summer are full effect.

Sierra Nevada recently released their 4-Way IPA variety pack. Out of the four, this beer happens to be one of our favorites. Although it is damn near a four-way tie, this beer is flat out smooth for a Black IPA.

With an even mixture of roasted malts and hops, the beer is really not overwhelming at all. It tastes nothing like any other Black IPA that I have ever had before. This is something fresh and smooth that you could drink year round, unlike most Black IPAs. So far the only way we have been able to find the beer, is in the variety pack that we noted above. I would definitely grab a sixer if it was available.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

This dark chocolate American Stout hails out of Detroit, Michigan. After pouring your first glass, you can’t help but notice the rich and dark color of the beer. As the brew touches your lips and your tastebuds begin to figure out what has happened, you realize this is a damn good beer by the guys of Atwater Brewing.

The overall taste is a medium chocolaty taste and smell, which is nice considering most chocolate stouts are overpowering. While not being overwhelmed by hops, chocolate, or a sugary sweetness, the beer serves well at any time of day. Smooth as velvet.

For some reason this Saison by 21st Amendment just hits the spot. While this has received mixed reviews by some, we feel it is certainly one worth trying. After grabbing a six pack, it was time to crack open a delicious can and dissect what was inside.

Sneak Attack pours like most Saisons, but maybe even lighter in color than most. The brew has a very light feel to it overall, leaving it to be unusually easy to drink with little to no aftertaste. With a light mixture of sweet, spicy and wheat flavors, the beers is rather enjoyable making for one refreshing beverage. If you haven’t tried any of 21st Amendments’ brews, we highly recommend grabbing a six pack.


Beatdown – Blank

This nice little gem, is yet another find that we guarantee you never heard of. With under a 100 views, it is easy to see how the guys from OMWProductions could find a way to blow up. The spacey chill-wave vibes immediately consume the room, as each beat builds towards the final product. The group out of Canada seems to have their feet up and walking as they have a few affiliated albums on their website.

If you like what you hear, feel free to visit their site (Beatdown is still unavailable for download).