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Fougeron Architecture Presents: The Fall House

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This home is brought to you by the studio out of San Francisco by the name of, Fougeron Architecture. The three-bedroom home is built on Big Sur’s south coast all while being neatly nestled on the ocean landscape. The complex structure looks like something thought up in a dream, but it is entirely real. These photos of the Fall House simply do not justify its view, as it appears to be absolutely stunning.


2013 AIA CC Honor Award for Excellence in Architecture

Unsangdong Architects – Green Home

unsangdong architects: sustainable E+ green home

This home is nearly 100% eco-freindly. The house is built entirely from recycled materials, and during the day it runs solely off of solar energy. Not only that, but the home uses recycled rain water as well; put it this way, anything you can think of, they have already thought about it and then some. Now, if only we could make this the standard of living in the US, that would make our carbon footprint that much better.

Japan’s New National Stadium

Japan won the bid for the 2020 Olympics, and now is planning to build a one of a kind stadium to accommodate such events. The gigantic sports arena will be built in Shinjuku, a ward of Tokyo. The stadium features seating for 80,000, adjustable seating sections, and a retractable roof-top. As of now, they have not released any numbers on what the estimated cost will be, but I’m sure it’s slightly more than what my wallet can carry. Make sure to check out the video presented by the guys at Zaha Hadid Architects, they made sure to design something like none other.