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Shlohmo – Dark Red


Music doesn’t need to be happy. Music doesn’t need to have lyrics. Music is an art form that paints our emotions in the form of time – it is in temporal order, so take it how you will. Shlohmo continues to produce music that has it’s very own rhythmic dark tones that let the mind to be free within it. Let’s stay away from genres and all the other topics on this one too. What we should be focused on is his latest album, Dark Red, to be released on April 7th. I can already see Christopher Nolan adapting a film to the first two tracks. Hear that Nolan?! In the end, pen in the release date, press play and enjoy.

New Leica T System Camera

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Leica teamed up with Audi design to make the world’s first camera with a body made completely out of aluminum. This brand new camera by Leica is a very unique and distinct camera and there is nothing else like it on the market. Leica recently released the camera and has plans to release two new lenses this upcoming May. Those who already have gotten ahold of the camera say it is very smooth and easy to use, which is a huge plus. Each individual camera is solid metal which is hand polished for 45mn’s.

Enough about the new sleek style and lets get down to specs. Here are some reasons to give Leica’s T System camera a serious look.

  • A mirrorless form factor with a 16MP CMOS sensor.
  • Features two interchangeable lenses.
  • High-resolution electronic viewfinder with integrated GPS features.
  • Built-in WI-FI, images can be wirelessly transmitted to smartphones, tablets, and various social media platforms.
  • 1080p or 720p HD Video Recording Capabilities.
  • Built-in 16 GB of memory.
  • Large rear facing LCD screen.
  • Many more features, visit Leica Cameras. 

Sol Bock Revival – Beer, Art , Food and Music Festival


Where: Harriet Brewery | 3036 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406 |

When: Saturday, April 26th, 2014 | 1-10PM | FREE |

As winter still lingers, we slowly inch in the right direction of what we call Spring. While late April and early May spring up with festivals, the best time to live in the in the Midwest is approaching. One of the first outdoor festivals to arrive in MPLS, will be Harriet Breweries Sol Bock Revival.

The Sol Bock Revival will be littered with great beer and free live music, all while accompanied by some of the Twin Cities more successful food trucks. The live music will mostly consist of a variety of local blues/folk artists. If it is anything like the previous festivals at Harriet Brewery, it will make for an all around drunk time.

  • Beer: Sol Bock, Wodan Weizen, West Side, Dark Abbey, Saison Nourrice, Divine Oculust, Woluptuweiss, Sour Series
  • Art: Live Art by Jeff Troldahl,  Shell Kelley & Jesse Brödd
  • Music: Evergreen Grass Band, Roe Family Singers, The Dead Pigeons, No Man’s String Band


Fresh Music: Mad Satta

There is something about that raspy voice backed by the groovy live band that makes this eclectic eight-piece band so addicting. It definitely seems like there is a bit of a movement brewing with Soul/R&B from coast to coast, as we start to hear more about these newly developed groups.

Mad Satta, whom hails from Boston/NY area, possesses a very clear sound with their group. The band has an even mixture of Soul/Jazz/Hip-Hop/Rock and R&B. As history tells us, all of these genres wouldn’t exist without the help of one another, so it only makes it right to blend it all together. Right now Mad Satta is growing largely in popularity, especially with the recent release of “Reach-Out”. Hopefully soon they can make their way to the midwest for a show or two or three.

[MADE] Brews of the Week


Hell or High Watermelon has received a variety of reviews from beer drinkers. From the most part, you either like it or you pretty much hate it. From our experience, we think it is an interesting take on a beer and it turned out rather well. For those who brew beer, you know just how hard brewing a beer with added flavor can be; now just imagine watermelon.

The beer pours a very light yellow with a slight haziness to it. Once you crack one open and smell the beer, you know that this is a one of a kind beer. If I had one word to describe how this one goes down, I would say it is quite refreshing. It starts out with a sweet watermelon flavor, which then tapers off to a dry / somewhat tart flavor. So far, this is the only watermelon beer that we’ve tried, but we highly recommend it.


I’m not going to lie, I was very skeptical trying out this brew for a few reasons. A.) The beer is sold in a 6-pack and is a Double IPA (this is rare) B.) It is from Utah C.) The six pack was only 8.99! Well, as it turns out, I was rather impressed by a rather drinkable and affordable Double IPA from Salt Lake City.

Hop Rising certainly lives up to the name. The beer itself is very bitter upfront, which will turn away many who are not a fan of this style. I also noticed that after lighting up the tastebuds with a bitter flavor, it subdues fast with nice sweet remnants. I was also shocked at this one being 9%, because I never really thought it was that strong. The Bottom line, it is a very affordable DIPA and is definitaly drinkable.

Black Market Brass x PaviElle Live @ Icehouse

Secret Stash

Where: | Icehouse | 2528 Nicollet Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404 |

Tomorrow, the ever talented Black Market Brass Band will be joined by the lovely PaviElle for what should make for solid Thursday night lineup at Icehouse. If you haven’t witnessed Black Market Brass Band perform live yet, make sure to come out to see the funky brass band perform. The Minneapolis based group has as solid Afrobeat/Funk style that will get you up and moving no matter what time of day it is. Also, with the talented soul singer PaviElle in attendance for a measley $6; it seems like a no brainer to come out and groove to their tunes.

deM atlaS – F=rankln

One week ago deM dropped a new visual from his Charle Brwn EP. The visual for F=rankln features the emcee spittin his cold flow out in a snowy field. It’s hard to not to vibe out to Fr=anklb, as he might just be the one bringing this heat wave to the city right now. Now we are ready for deM’s first full album, which we expect to come sometime in 2014. It will be interesting to hear what is next from the young emcee, as within the last year he has skyrocketed in popularity with the signing with Rhymesayers.


StudioCheha Presents Bulbing: Flat LED Lamp

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The designers from Tel Aviv have designed these new lamps that appear to be 3D but are in fact 2D designs. The new lamps are interchangeable, allowing any new designs you purchase to be placed into the wooden LED fixture. Essentially the product uses 3D wire frame images to fool the human eye. Right now the lamps are a Kick Starter project that recently hit their goal and from the looks of it, they don’t plan on going anywhere but up.

Purchase a lamp of your own HERE.

Glow Mechanics Live @ Kitty Cat Klub

Where: Kitty Cat Klub | 314 4th Ave SE, MPLS MN|

The singer/songwriter, Simon Calder, will be joined by Glow Mechanics this Thursday. It doesn’t stop here, as this night will also feature performances by Dream Crusher and Dogi. If you already skipped reading the flyer, the night is FREE, so make sure to swing by for some free tunage and some drinks. The night is loaded with various genres in attendance, which should keep the night moving.

Brett Novak x Kilian Martin – India Within

When unorthodox skating is captured by one of the best in the game, in one of the most beautiful places in the world (and also very polluted in areas), you get this majestic short film. This gem was released about a year ago and apparently only 400 thousand lucky people viewed it. Kilian Martin is simply amazing in this one as he shreds spots throughout India. Take a look, as this will not be 4mn and 20 seconds you will regret. In case you missed it, early this month we shared Bret Novak’s latest video with Jason Park which is equally as awesome as this one.