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Steven Spielberg’s New Cold-War Drama ‘Bridge of Spies’ Opening In Theaters This Week

Finally after months of anticipation and sitting through rounds of film festivals around the globe, Oscar-winner Steven Spielberg‘s (Jaws, Saving Private Ryan) new Cold-War drama Bridge of Spies is opening on big screens across the country this week. Starring Spielberg-regular Tom Hanks (Catch Me If You Can, Forrest Gump) in the lead role, the film focuses on James B. Donovan, an attorney who was sent to Soviet Russia by the CIA in order to negotiate the release of suspected U-2 Spy Plane pilot Francis G. Powers. The script was originally penned by screenwriter Matt Charman, but was then re-worked by Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen (Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, No Country For Old Men) before Spielberg began the process of principle photography. Also starring in the film are actors Mark Rylance (The Other Boleyn Girl, Anonymous), Domenick Lombardozzi (Phone Booth, The Wire), Victor Verhaeghe (August Rush, The Wolf of Wall Street), Alan Alda (MASH, The Aviator), and Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone, Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), with Austin Stowell (Behind the Candelabra, Whiplash) starring as Powell. This will be Spielberg’s first directorial project since 2012’s Lincoln, which earned the director two Oscar-nods for Best Director and Best Picture. Look for Bridge of Spies in theaters this Friday. The trailer is available here on MADE.

New Trailer For Edward Snowden Biopic Now Available

Here we have a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Oliver Stone (The Doors, Born on the Fourth of July) biopic on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The film is appropriately (and simply) titled Snowden and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) in the title role. While production has been underway for on the project for sometime, one would expect to see at least a 10-second clip of actual footage, but with this teaser all you really get are some words outlining highlights of Snowden’s life and a clever phrase to top-off the 86-second clip (even though “One Nation, Under Surveillance” is pretty clever considering the subject matter). Also starring in the film are actors Shailene Woodley (The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent), Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Prisoners), Zachary Quinto (24, Star Trek: Into Darkness), Tom Wilkinson (The Patriot, Rush Hour), Rhys Ifans (Anonymous, The Amazing Spider Man), and Nicholas Cage (Con-Air, National Treasure). The movie is scheduled to open in theaters on Christmas Day, right alongside Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. We’ll keep an eye out for additional trailers as they come out. Stay tuned!

Anonymous Takes Aim At Ferguson Police

In the light of the shooting death of unarmed Michael Brown, Anonymous has taken to the web to warn the Ferguson Police department. If you don’t know, Michael Brown was an 18 year old kid (black kid) who was shot multiple times by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The details surrounding what lead to his death are all over the place. Police reports and statements contradict one another as if they couldn’t get the “story” to everyone, some say he was wrestling the cops weapon away from him, others are saying he had his hands up surrendering, some reports even state that Brown was over 25 feet away from the shooting officer. Whatever the case, an 18 year old is now dead and was left soaking in a puddle of his own blood for hours. We will not forgive…..We will not forget.

Welcome To Duluth After Party w/ Sean Anonymous


Location: 600 E Superior Street, Duluth
When: Thursday, February 13th @ 10PM

The Welcome To Minnesota tour will be swinging through Duluth tonight, this means a bunch of after parties are sure to follow. One of the notable events is the Welcome To Duluth after party, the show will feature performances by Minneapolis’ own Sean Anonymous, NonFic & Jaze; and is FREE with your Welcome To Minnesota tour ticket stub. If you aren’t going to the tour show, you can still get tickets at the door for $5. If you’re in Duluth and looking for a good after party, this is probably your best bet.

Adam DeGross Captures “Make Some Noise”

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All Photos shot by Adam DeGross

Photographer Adam DeGross caught a bunch of dope pictures during Sean Anonymous & DJ Name’s “Make Some Noise”. Check out a few of the pics and click the link below if you want to see the full album.

Adam DeGross “Make Some Noise” Photos

Sean Anonymous 7″ Release & Birthday Party


Location: 701 First Ave N, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, January 11th @ 7:30PM

Minneapolis spitter Sean Anonymous will be holding his birthday party at First Avenue tonight. The event’s lineup is STACKED with artists like Toki Wright, Dem Atlas, Dream Crusher, Big Cats & DJ Name all providing sounds. Tickets are only $10 in advance ($12 at the door), and the event is 18+; this should definitely be a good time so make sure to come out. Click the link below to cop your tickets and stay tuned for that 7 inch.

Sean Anonymous LIVE at First Ave: Tickets

Sean Anonymous & DJ Name Ft. Lizzo “Cold Shoulder” Live Performance

Sean Anonymous took to Twitter earlier to release a cool live performance video of “Cold Shoulder”. The track features Lizzo as well as the live performance and Dan Huiting does a pretty dope job with the lense. Peep the video above and get pumped for “Make Some Noise” this weekend at First Ave, click the link below if you haven’t gotten tickets yet.

“Make Some Noise” Tickets

Sean Anonymous & DJ Name Ft. Lizzo – Cold Shoulder


Minneapolis’ own Sean Anonymous released a pretty dope record from off of his upcoming project, which will be released on 7″ vinyl. Collaborating with DJ Name (on the entire project) and enlisting Lizzo for the track, Sean definitely knows what the people want. Keep an eye out for more as the Make Some Noise Release Show draws closer.

Phillip Morris & John Ibarra Birthday Bash

Phillip Mo Flyer

Location: 1000 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
When: Friday, November 8th

Phillip Morris will be heading home to throw a birthday show next Friday, November 8th. The event will also feature the likes of Sean Anonymous, Scarlet Monk, Crunchy Kids & Ifficial Reggae Movement making for what should be a good time. If you’re in the CHI next week you should definitely make your way out for this one, stay tuned for more as Phil Mo gets set to release his collab project with Wide Eyes.

PROF Live @ Reggies Rock Club w/ Sean Anonymous & Mike Mictlan


Location: 2105 S State Street, Chicago
When: Thursday, October 10th

Minneapolis’ own Prof will be traveling to Chicago on October 10th for what’s looking to be a pretty dope show at Chicago’s own Reggie’s Rock Club. Sean Anonymous & Mike Mictlan will also be featured while Jugrnaut and 1833 will handle the presentation side of things. If you’re in the CHI you should definitely hit this one up, for those that don’t know these are 3 of the hottest spitters coming out of Minneapolis so DONT SLEEP. Tickets are cash only and can be bought at Jugrnaut in Chicago, stay tuned for more from all 3 of these dope artists.