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WAAC’s Rollable Solar Charger

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Everyone has been there a number of times. Your cell phone dies, you forgot your charger and now your just stuck. Welcome to 2015. It seems like they make phones with better batteries, yet you use your phone more than ever.

With WAAC’s new rollable solar charger, you can charge on the go much easier.Made out of a lightweight aluminum material with flexible solar cells, keeping a full charge is that much simpler.


Andoid x Kodak – The Instamatic

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Android and Kodak have teamed up to make a brand new device for 2015. The device will feature 4G, tablet connection for it’s camera, all with 14MP and 4x Optical zoom. Based off of the old Kodak cameras, this camera first android phone changes up the idea of an ideal phone in 2015.

Panasonic Lumix CM1 Smart Camera

At first glance you might not think this camera, is actually a phone. Panasonic’s newly released point and shoot camera features powerful specs as both a phone and camera. Why exactly are we featuring this clunky phone/slimmed down digital camera? Well, lets just let the stats do the talking.

Phone Specs:

  • 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 4.7-inch 1080p screen
  • 2GB of RAM

Camera Specs:

  • Gigantic 1-inch sensor is a full 20 megapixels!!!
  • Leica F/2.8 28mm lens
  • DSLR-style manual controls for exposure, aperture, and ISO compliment
  • 4K video shooting.

Last thing, this device will be priced at just over $1000

Video for more Visuals

Samsung Releases Smartphone GamePad


I’m looking at you, fellow nerds and gamers. This is just the tool we’ve been waiting for, for all the available emulators on phones. Samsung recently released this controller for specifically any Android 4.1 user with a 4-6 inch screen. We’re not specifically sure if it will work with any game yet, but it will with most. This sleek round design looks as if it will serve as a decent controller. So, if you happen to be playing Mario, Pokemon, or whatever the hell it is, make sure to snag one of these guys (price not yet available).

[Sony] Detachable Camera Lenses for Smartphones





The Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 and Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 attach to Android phones as well as iPhones, allowing users to have a full fledged optical zoom. The QX100 allows you to have 20.2-megapixels vs the QX10, which still has a whopping 18-megapixels. The uprgraded model, QX100, will also feature full zoom control and shutter release. Both will feature 1080p for video recording, and with WiFi or the NFC option, you can control the device wirelessly. Sony’s QX10 will be priced at $249 while the QX100 is at $499.