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Alex Wiley – Ready


Chicago artist Alex Wiley has been quiet as of late, but that all changed earlier today with the release of “Ready.” Wiley had stated that his new music would start taking on darker tones with an emphasis on his signature crooning, it appears he has made good on his promise. “Ready” pulls the listener into a trance like mode, Wiley gently sings and intertwines his words; the kid is really growing as an artist and wordsmith. With all the right doors opening, you should be seeing a lot more from Alex Wiley in 2015, keep an eye out for the dates for his upcoming US/European tour.

Lyrical Showcase 3.0


Location: 2105 S State Street, Chicago
When: Friday, January 9th @ 9PM

The good guys over at Lyrical Lemonade will be hosting their 3rd showcase tonight at Reggie’s. The event will be hosted by Cole Bennett and will feature performances from Alex Wiley, Hurt Everybody, Roy French and Roosevelt the Titan just to name a few. Elz the DJ will be on the 1s and 2s between sets and you can bet that there will be a few special guests throughout the night. This one’s 18+ and tickets are on sale now for only $10, click the link below to grab yours now.

Lyrical Lemonade 3.0

Alex Wiley & Hurt Everybody Meet/Greet

Hurt Al

Location: 427 S Dearborn Street, Chicago
When: Sunday, January 4th // 4PM-6PM

With Lyrical Lemonade’s 3rd showcase coming up, they’ve decided to team up with Jugrnaut for a pretty dope meet & greet. The event will feature Alex Wiley and Hurt Everybody, allowing fans to stop by the shop and kick it with some of Chicago’s hottest up and comers. If you haven’t copped your tickets yet, click the link below and do so now, this is going to be a great show.

Lyrical Lemonade 3.0 Tickets

Alex Wiley – Booty Club (Top 14 Albums of 2014)


As 2014 moved along, Alex Wiley linked up with quite a few major publications to release his singles. With Closed Sessions enabling these power moves, Wiley premiered his track “Sexual Dolphin” via Entertainment Weekly and “Booty Club” via Vice (Noisey). The latter, “Booty Club”, came about after Wiley’s security guard returned to their hotel room a little late. When asked why he was late he simply responded, “The booty club was goin dumb again”. A funny statement turned awesome song, “Booty Club” shows just how spontaneous and organic Alex Wiley’s music can be; check out the record below and keep an eye out for more.

Alex Wiley – Ova (YMNO Remix)

Alex Wiley’s single “Ova” is definitely one of the fan favorites from off of his project Village Party. About a month back, Brooklyn producer YMNO dropped a pretty dope remix of the Odd Couple produced record. The remix does a good job of standing on it’s own while incorporating the feeling of the original track well. If you missed Alex Wiley at Kitty Cat Klub earlier this winter, then you definitely missed out; check out YMNO’s remix to “Ova” above.

Alex Wiley “Village Party” (#5 Top 14 Albums of 2014)

Alex Wiley

Alex Wiley has been turning heads in Chicago for quite some time now. Throughout 2012 & 2013, Wiley, along with Chance The Rapper, Kembe X, Vic Mensa, and a few others; began to create their own buzz apart from the burgeoning Drill scene. During the summer of 2013, Wiley dropped his highly anticipated project, Club Wiley, which received good reviews across the nation. As 2014 came around many were wondering what’s next? Almost exactly a year after Club Wiley, he dropped Village Party, a record that displayed Alex Wiley’s versatility and growth. Village Party leads us into our top 5 and justifiably so, this album marked Alex Wiley’s transition from up and comer to bonafide artist to watch.

Alex Wiley – Lil Stoner Boi

Lil Stoner

If you missed Alex Wiley’s set at Kitty Cat Klub last weekend you definitely passed up a great show. With a new project brewing, Wiley took to Twitter last night to drop a track titled “Lil Stoner Boi”. Produced by Taylor Young & Carter Lang, the record’s instrumental is dynamic with various sounds being implemented throughout. Rock-ish with dashes of gospel influence, Alex Wiley continues to perfect his style with each release; “Lil Stoner Boi” sounding like the culmination of his journey so far. Peep the record below and make sure to keep an eye out for more from Alex Wiley and the good guys over at Closed Sessions.

Alex Wiley LIVE @ Kitty Cat Klub w/ BLVCK SPVCE


Location: 315 14th Avenue SE, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, November 15th @ 9PM

Chicago’s own Alex Wiley will be in Minneapolis tonight for a show at Kitty Cat Klub. Presented by the good folks at Create Karma, Greenroom Magazine, and Closed Sessions, the event will also feature performances from Kids Like Us and BLVCK SPVCE. Dinkytown’s Kitty Cat Klub is a pretty cool venue and with this lineup you can expect a good time. This one’s 21+ and the door’s only $5, make sure to get down to Kitty Cat Klub later and keep an eye out for more.

Alex Wiley LIVE @ Red Carpet w/ BLVCK SPVCE

BLVCK Spvce Wiley

Location: 11 5th Avenue S, St. Cloud
When: Friday, November 14th @ 9PM

Alex Wiley will be in the great state of Minnesota for two shows this weekend. First he’ll hit Red Carpet Night Club in St. Cloud along with BLVCK SPVCE, before hitting up Minneapolis for a show at the Kitty Cat Klub. The St. Cloud show is 18+ and the door is only $5, if you’re in St. Cloud you should definitely hit this up, keep an eye out for more info leading up to the event.

Alex Wiley – Sexual Dolphin


Alex Wiley continues to ride the wave from his latest project Village Party, and today he offered up a new single titled “Sexual Dolphin”. Presented by Entertainment Weekly and coupled with an interview, “Sexual Dolphin” features production from Odd Couple & Carter Lang with a plethora of sounds mixed into the instrumental. It feels like Alex Wiley has found his groove, in the interview he speaks about enjoying his new found platform to experiment from. Check out “Sexual Dolphin” below and keep an eye out for more from Alex Wiley.