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Check Your Local Listings For This Week’s Limited Releases In Theaters Near You

This week will see a whole collection of independent limited releases happening across the country. First on the list is The Big Short from director Adam McKay (Anchorman, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby), starring Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, American Hustle), Steve Carell (The Office, Seeking A Friend for the End of the World), Ryan Gosling (Drive, The Place Beyond the Pines), and Brad Pitt (Babel, By The Sea). The film, based on the novel by Michael Lewis, follows four friends who predicted the housing market collapse in the mid 2000s and bet against the odds with the national banks, becoming nearly instant millionaires. The film was last seen at the AFI Film Festival in LA earlier this year, and a further nationwide expansion is still expected for 2016. Continue reading

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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This brew is entirely inspired by my recent trip down to the KC MO area. After living in Lawrence KS for a number of years, we were limited to keystone light and these delicious brews. It turns out, while I was away, they have come out with one hell of a summer IPA – which is only fitting to what our stormy weekend has brought us.

Free State Brewery, out of Lawrence KS., brings a smooth and refreshing brew to the table. The Storm Chaser Summer IPA, is a thing of beauty. The beer is perfectly hoppy with just the right amount of bitterness and refreshing citrus tart flavors. Put it this way, it is a well balanced IPA that will leave you wanting more. Sorry guys, this one can’t be found anywhere outside of the KC area, but feel free to ask your local liq store if you’re really that interested.

Get Ready. . . For A New Flagship Summit Beer!


Beer lovers let us rejoice! One of Minnesota’s top breweries is preparing to release a new brew to their growing lineup. Summit’s upcoming Hopvale Organic Ale, is a session ale set to be released this upcoming April. Made entirely from organic malts, four types of hops and lemon peels – Summit seeks to add a some pizazz to their flagship lineup with this session IPA. Make sure to stay tuned for more here, as we promise to follow up with a review come April.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Alright, lame, I know. . . only one brew of the week, which goes completely against the norm here. Luckily, this brew is absolutely phenomenal on many levels and can be found at most liquor stores in the Midwest. Our one and only brew of the week, goes out to Illinois very own Two Brothers Brewing Company, with their release of Cane & Ebel.

Cane & Ebel can be enjoyed at anytime of the year, during any situation. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, a hot day or a cold day – Cane & Ebel will go down smoother than ever. The beer pours with a dark amber red, followed by a pleasant fruity hop smell. The Rye Hopped Ale, as put by Two Brothers, starts and finishes as well as anything out there. With an even balance of rye malt flavor and orange tasting hops, Cane & Ebel deserves to be it’s very own Beer of the Week. Enjoy.


[MADE] Brews of the Week


I am not sure why it has taken this long to try the beloved Deschutes Hop in The Dark. The American Black Ale is absolutely a must buy, and I hope that if you come across a bottle, purchase it.

This American Black Ale hits nearly every part of palate, as it is full of flavor. The beer itself sits at a nice 6.8% Alcohol by Vol, making for a medium body overall. Each sip serves the tongue with a mixture of fruits, citrus, chocolate and piney hop notes, giving it a bit of a surprising experience (but great). Cascade hops happen to be one of my personal favorites, and this could be why this one sits so well.


Oscura, is made from Wisconsin’s Furthermore Brewing Co. This beer and brewery are rather unique in general. Just a few days ago I picked up a single with the hopes of a coffee stout, but man was I way off.

The beer itself is brewed as a California Common/Steam beer. For those who don’t know, it is simply a American style lager which is often brewed with a specific lager yeast made for warmer temps. So, you can easily see why I was thrown off by assuming this coffee “lager” was a stout, because this is very uncommon. The overall texture and taste comes off like a normal brew, but yet finishes with a decently strong coffee flavor, which overrides much of the hop/malt flavors. This coffee lager is a one of a kind, and is done absolutely perfect. Keep your eyes open for a six pack, this brew is delicious.

612 Brew

The Brewery

Location: 945 Broadway StNE Minneapolis, MN 55413

Taproom Hours: 

  • Wednesday: 4 – 10 pm
  • Thursday: 4 – 10 pm
  • Friday: 2:30 – Midnight
  • Saturday: Noon – Midnight

I have been hearing all about the brewery and never really had the opportunity to try anything. After the long awaited, I finally got to try a few of their brews and I must say, it was well worth it. I’m very impressed with what they have to offer as well. The guys at 612 Brew have a pretty good selection of taps and continue to generate new ideas and flavors to rotate on tap; including unique seasonals. The Brewery is located right off of Broadway in the heart of NE, close to its fellow breweries Indeed and Dangerous Man. For a taproom, they have pretty reasonable hours, so I definitely plan on making it by sometime soon for the sweet nectar they call beer.

On Tap Now:

  • SIX – American Pale Ale. 5.1% ABV – 41 IBU – 5.7 SRM
  • Zero Hour – Black Ale. 5.4% ABV – 65 IBU – 33.5 SRM
  • Mary Ann – German-Style Lager. 4.5% ABV – 15 SRM
  • Rated R – West Coast IPA x Rye IPA. 6.6% ABV – 80 IBU – 12.3 SRM

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Brown Shugga, which is considered as one of their winter brews, is loaded with flavor. The American Strong Ale sits at 9.99% ABVs and taste like a sweet citrusy, sugar-hopped brew that warms up the soul. Make sure to look out for these in bombers at your nearby booze shop.


Boulevard’s Nutcracker is THE winter beer. If you know a beer lover, this is the gift of all gifts for them. The classic winter ale pours a nice amber color, backed by some wintery ingredients. The bold molasses flavor backed by the spicy/bittery Chinook hops makes for a wonderful winter experience on the tongue. The Kansas City brew is pretty rare outside of the lower Midwest, I suggest if you come across this one, make sure to buy it.