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Bauhaus Brew Labs


Bauhaus Brew Labs. Aesthetically pleasing, tasty brews, all tucked neatly in the heart of the Brew District (NE Minneapolis). If you were to ask me what my favorite brewery is to attend, it is now Bauhaus Brew Labs. With open space, a large covered outdoor area with lights hanging overhead; it is the perfect place to go with larger groups.


Bauhaus also has an outdoor/indoor stage for live music, board games, bag toss, and a kid play area. These are all things that make this brewery unique to the scene around it. Just a block down from 612 Brew, placed alongside the railroad tracks, Bauhaus Brew Labs is just the new brewery we needed to liven up the brewery scene yet again.



Bent Brewstillery


Where: 1744 Terrace Drive, Roseville, MN 55113
Hours: Wednesday: 4pm–10pm ($2 off growler fills)
Thursday: 4pm–10pm ($1 Off Pints & 1/2 Pints)
Friday: 2:30–11pm |Saturday: Noon–11pm |Sunday: 1–5pm

Awhile back, we stumbled into Bent Brewstillery to try some of their brews. Located just Northeast of NE Minneapolis, Bent Brewstillery separates themselves from most of the breweries in the Twin Cities. The brewery feels as if you are drinking in an upscale garage that belongs to your crazy homebrew friend. Whether this was the vibe they were going for or not, it is legit.

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After trying a few of their brews, one of the brewers came over and chatted with us about the brewery. It turns out, Bent not only makes a wide variety of brews, but they also make their own whisky and bourbon on site. Aside from this, they have a large area dedicated to brewing in oak aged barrels, allowing for some unique higher percentage brews. So, if you are looking for some of the best sour beers around, some fresh liquor, or just looking to enjoy a tasty brew – Bent Brewstillery is a must try.


Fair State Brewing Cooperative

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Location: 2506A Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55418
Hours: M/W/TH: 4-11 | TU: CLOSED | FR: 4-12 | SA: 12-12 | SU: 12-9

Last year, Fair State Brewing Cooperative emerged in Northeast Minneapolis. The co-op brewery is Minnesota’s first, and also happens to be one of the very few in the United States. Everything about the brewery is community driven, as they offer a variety of benefits.

What exactly does a co-op brewery have to offer, you might ask? Well, quite a bit if you want to purchase a share of the brewery and become a member. The cost, $200. If you are a beer nerd, this is actually a VERY fair price. Members will have first dibs on new releases, special discount on happy hours, the ability to have recipe input and voting rights within the brewery (and many other features). For the full article and definition listings, click HERE. Also, if you aren’t a Minnesota resident, don’t bother trying to buy a share, because you must be a resident.


[MADE] Brew of the Week

Garvey (1 of 13) copy

The Golden Nugget IPA, is the first IPA I have sought after in sometime, and it was definitely worth the wait. Made by Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., out of Iowa, I’m surprised to have never seen this on our shelves here in MPLS.

The beer is as advertised: pours a solid golden color and is packed with flavor. The brew has a medium body with citrus flavored hops. While this brew is lighter in hops, it allows for one smooth and refreshing IPA that can be drank for any occasion.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Brewwz (2 of 2) copy

After a brief break last week, we’re back with a another brew of the week. Little over a month ago, Sierra Nevada released a new beer into their lineup, with Otra Vez.

Otra Vez is a Gose-Style Ale, that simply can be drank during all seasons, especially throughout the warmer months. Brewed with prickly-pear cactus and grapefruits – this beer is not your average light beer. The Otra Vez pours very light in color and feels even lighter on the tongue. After first sip, you will notice tangy, sweet, fruity and wheat packed flavors throughout. Sitting at 4.5% ABV, the entire twelve pack was gone in a blink of an eye. Definitely an interesting, yet delicious beer to try – let us know what you think below!

[MADE] Brew of the Week

As chocolate peanut butter porters start to become full effect this season, we came across another that came out on top. The brew is made by our brothers to the east in Wisconsin, at Horny Goat Brewing. If haven’t tried a brew of this style, I highly recommend it.

This brew pours thick and dark as molasses, with a yellowish head to it. This beer is what I like to call a dessert beer, because you can only have one. Rich in chocolate and peanut butter, this beer is bold and rich in roasted malts with a creamy marshmallow feel to it – it’s delicious. Overall, it is very well balanced  in flavors, mixing both chocolate and peanut butter – even those who hate dark beers tend to enjoy this one. Sitting at a solid 6.5% ABV, you are getting your money worths with this brew. Grab a sixer and enjoy!

By: KVogez

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Boozer1 (1 of 1)

We are back at it with a new Brew of the week. This brew featured above, might possibly be one of the best imperial stouts around. Bell’s Brewery has released a limited amount of their 30th Anniversary Ale’s, which is an Imperial Stout. This brew is modeled after their Expedition Stout, which is an ode the brewery’s 30th birthday.

After pouring into a glass, I couldn’t help but notice the thick motor oil color of this one. As you can see, absolutely no light shines through. With little to no head, the 30th anniversary ale was ready to drink on the spot. The brew had flavors of fruits and dark chocolate, with nicely roasted malts – all while sitting at a solid 11% ABV. For a brew this strong, it was as smooth as ever. After recently having the 2015 edition of Surly’s beloved Darkness – I firmly believe Bell’s has a better beer on their hands. If you come across a six pack of these, they are a must try. Enjoy!

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Two Brothers – Kick em’ in the Pilz

Two Brother’s Kick em in the Pilz, Imperial Pilsner Lager is one for the ages. The guys/gals out of Aurora, Il., have themselves possibly one of the finest pilsners that i’ve had to date. I mean, when you think of pilsners, there is minimal flavor – not in this bad boy, it will kick your palate hard.

This particular brew, has only been made once in limited amounts. I am happy to have had a chance to be gifted a bottle of this, as I wish there was more to go around. This brew pours a strong golden color, and sits at a solid 7.5% ABV. The beer has a classic fresh pilsner taste upfront followed by an orange zest and slightly sweet flavors to it. This is remarkable, as each sip is crisp and refreshing. IF you find a bottle, make sure to pick one up – it’s damn good and will get you lit.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Troll Way – Citra IPA 

Little over a week ago, we finally made our way over to Insight Brewery in NE., MPLS. After the visit, we found a delicious IPA, which can now be found in stores.

Grabbing a growler and finishing this one in one sitting, was no problem. The West Coast Styled IPA, is refreshing to say the least. Full of tropical fruit flavors and hints of lemon zest – this brew would go down easy as a day beer. Sitting at a solid 7% ABV, you can expect a bit of buzz after finishing a jug of this brew. Keep your eyes open locally and make sure to grab yourself some Troll Way.

By: KVogz

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Strap up your with your drinking shoes because October is nearly upon us. This week we feature yet another Oktoberfest and rightfully so. Sierra Nevada teamed up with Brauhaus Riegele to make one tasty seasonal brew.

The beer is being hyped by many, so I figured I’d snag a sixer. Well, no need to waste time, because this one is up there with the best. The beer pours a nice gold color and immediately smells of honey and malts. The beer has a great balance of caramel, malts, nuts, and a dry hop finish. Crisp, clear and very little head – this ones gone before you know it. For $7.99 a six pack, you can never go wrong with anything Sierra Nevada does, and this one is up there with the best Oktoberfest’s on the market.