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[MADE] Recap – Crunchy Kids “Crop” Album Release Show

CrunchKids (15 of 36)CrunchKids (25 of 36)CrunchKids (3 of 36)This past Friday night, we made our way into Icehouse for the Crunchy Kids highly anticipated EP release show for, CropEven while competing with Art-a-Whirl weekend, Icehouse filled up and rounded out to be a successful night of music. The Crunchy Kids were joined by the likes of Doks Robotiks and a DJ set by Sarah White as well. If you missed out on the above performances, don’t worry cause we got your back. Make sure to stay tuned for more recaps to come.

Late Arrival – “Drifting” (Video)

Late Arrival, whom hails out of MPLS, recently released their visual for “Drifting”.  The video, mainly showcases visuals around NE, Minneapolis – the duos current home. With a late night ride on a ferris wheel, a stroll down Lowry, and a quick stop at the train station – it’s clear where they stay. This is the first time the hip-hop duo landed into the mix here at MADE and with the brand new release of their album, Hamartia, it’s only right to show Late Arrival some love. Peep the video above and press play to experience their latest project.


Doks Robotiks “Doks”

The homies from Doks Robotiks released their new album Doks the other day for all of our listening pleasure. The jazz, hip hop, funk fused band features vocals from Adam Gumm and Konstant Movement with a variety of rotating musicians including Kristofer Bergh, DeCarlo Jackson, Rick Haneman, Rob Hagen, Henry Bergmann, Andre Bocher, and DJ Diatonic. The album plays like a live set, the instrumentation gently layered beneath both artists vocals, the jazz influence running deep throughout. Plenty of substance abound, Doks is a breath of fresh air in a hip hop scene that often comes across redundant. Check out Doks above and make sure to hit up 7th Street Entry tonight for Doks Robotiks’ album release party.

GainesFM “Reanimation”


Forgive me for I have sinned. As exciting as 2016 has already been, I’ve let a few projects slide through the cracks. A few days ago the kid Gaines dropped his new project Reanimation for all of our listening pleasure. With a variety of high profile releases earlier this month, I’ll be the first to say that Reanimation stands on it’s own. Gaines gives many perspectives throughout the project steering clear of gimmicks and frills, his music contains a certain genuine property that resonates well with the listener. Tracks like “Hangover,” “The Fallen,” and “No Regrets” show a lot of versatility, Gaines is definitely an artist to keep your eye on as 2016 heats up. Check out Reanimation below and stay tuned for more from GainesFM.

Villa Rosa “LeMuria” Album Release Party

Villa Rosa

Location: 1601 University Avenue W, Saint Paul
When: Saturday, December 26th @ 8PM

Long time collaborators Muja Messiah and Maria Isa will make it official this Saturday with the album release party for LeMuria. If the event sounds as grand as their new album, the people are in for a great show. The lineup is pretty thick with performances from Why Khaliq, RP Hooks, Lady XOK + Curandero, Angie Citlali, and Mike The Martyr to name a few; Franz Diego and Bdot Croc will hold down hosting duties. Tonight’s show is 21+ and tickets can still be purchased online for only $10, if you’re looking for something to do tonight; look no further.

Villa Rosa Tickets

Axel Foley “MØØD” Release Party


Location: 205 E Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Wednesday, July 1st @ 9PM

Minneapolis’ own Axel Foley recently released a new project titled MØØD. Produced entirely by Mike The Martyr, MØØD has a healthy cast of features with veterans like Muja Messiah, Tek, Manny Phesto and Martyr himself all making appearances. Foley will be holding his release party tonight at Honey, the night will showcase performances from Alibaster Jones & Big Dylan, Devon Reason, Travis Gorman, DJ Peaches, Mike The Martyr and Frank Castle; a solid lineup for the $5 door. This event is 21+, this week promises to be another good one, stay tuned for more.

Lil Wayne “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” Album Release Party

Lil Wayne

Location: 315 N 1st Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Sunday, June 21st @ 9PM

Lil Wayne will be live in Minneapolis tonight for Sorry 4 The Wait 2‘s album release party. Despite some of the confusion that surrounds the event, Lil Wayne WILL perform at some point throughout the night, although it is still unclear if he’ll do a full set. This one is 21+ and all access tickets are on sale for $100, click the link below to grab yours now.

Lil Wayne Album Release Tickets

Bobby Raps & Corbin “Couch Potato” EP


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Corbin (formerly Spooky Black), but he and Bobby Raps changed all of that yesterday with the release of their Couch Potato EP. The 6 track collaboration is filled with dreamy instrumentals and lofty vocals, their early chemistry is proving true. Corbin seems firmly planted on this project, anyone who has seen him live knows the kid can sing and he further illustrates the point. Bobby Raps is not to be forgotten either, his production and versatility shines through on every track as he switches between rapping and singing. A great project from 2 of the Twin Cities’ fastest rising artists, check out Couch Potato below.

Alex Wiley “One Singular Flame Emoji”


Chicago’s hip hop scene might have taken a few hits due to artist relocation, but there are still quite a few talented musicians in the city. One of those artists is Closed Sessions MC Alex Wiley, if you’re familiar with Chicago’s music scene at all you’ve surely heard his name. Wiley recently dropped his One Singular Flame Emoji mixtape, a wide spectrum of his talents rolled up into 9 tracks. Wiley is surprisingly calm during the course of this project contrasting his often wild and animated style. A display of versatility, One Singular Flame Emoji further showcases Alex Wiley’s growth as a musician. Chicago has yet another reason to be proud, 2015 looks like it can be a big year for Wiley, check out One Singular Flame Emoji below and stay tuned for more.

Greg Grease “Born To Lurk, Forced To Work”


With the release party for Greg Grease’s new project, Born To Lurk, Forced To Work, slated for this Friday; it’s only right that we show love where it’s due. In all honesty, I didn’t even know this was out and am VERY happy to have it in my rotation. Greazy takes another step forward with this album, Born To Lurk, Forced To Work is 16 tracks of well orchestrated wizardy. The project features an all-star cast of MCs including P.O.S, IBE, Mike The Martyr, Tall Paul, Alicia Steele, AK Rite, Proper T, and Fresh Daily, although many appear on the same songs. From “RIP Van Winkle” to “SunShowers”, Greg Grease has built yet another solid album from the ground up. Check out Born To Lurk, Forced To Work above and be on the look out for more from Greg Grease.