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New Arrivals @ Jugrnaut

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Jugrnaut continues it’s steady stream of dope pickups with some new 10 Deep pieces as well as a Stussy long sleeve. 10 Deep has been at the forefront of street wear for 2 decades, some would argue that their 2017 campaign has been one of their strongest in quite some time. Good for gifts or for yourself, the “Sun Also Sets” cap ($38) and the “Death Is Everywhere” tee ($35) are both still available via Jugrnaut’s online store. The Stussy “Skull Roses” L/S tee ($42) is another sought after piece that is still available, click the link below for more information.

Jugrnaut New Arrivals

10 Deep Flag Jacket Now Available

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10 Deep recently dropped a pretty dope flag windbreaker in their fall collection. The jackets come in black and orange and feature a variety of national flags from around the world. Flashy yet clean, these are available now; click the link below to browse the rest of the collection via Jugrnaut.

Jugrnaut “10 Deep Fall Collection 2015”

New Releases @ Phenom

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Location: 2829 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis

Phenom recently got a few new pieces in at their Uptown location. 10 Deep’s “2080 Tech Jersey” is now available for $96 and their all new “3D Cloud” tee is available for $38. You can stop in at the location above or you can click the link below to shop online.

PhenomGlobal.com – Shop

Jugrnaut New Years Sale


Location: 427 S Dearborn Street, Chicago

The good people over at Jugrnaut will be holding a New Years sale this Friday. From 11-1PM, the entire store will be 50% off, and from 1-7PM the entire store will be 30% off. Those times apply for in-store shoppers only, while online buyers can cash in on up to 60% off and a $15 t-shirt section. The online sale will run from 7PM (Jan 2nd) to 10AM (Jan 3rd), if you’re interested; click the link below and check out their current stock.

Jugrnaut Webstore

10 Deep Holiday Collection Available @ Jugrnaut

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10 Deep’s holiday collection is now available at Jugrnaut. Drawing from a wide range of inspirations, 10 Deep’s lineup blends hunting, racing, sports jerseys and even military designs, a few of these pieces are actually pretty dope. If you’re looking to get fresh over winter break or cop a gift, stop into Jugrnaut and take a look at their selection.

10 Deep Fall 2 @ Jugrnaut

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Jugrnaut recently stocked the 2nd part of 10 Deep’s Fall collection at their location in Chicago. As the Winter season looms ahead, it’s definitely time to start copping jackets if you don’t have one on deck. Check out a couple of the items above, click the link below for the entire 2nd drop.

10 Deep Fall 2 @ Jugrnaut

Phenom Phucking Phreezing Sale

Phenom Sale

The good guys at Phenom have decided to celebrate the insanely cold weather by throwing a 15% off sale in-store. This is store wide not online so anyone looking to reap the benefits will have to brave the tundra. If you’re up for it, head over to Uptown and hit up Phenom’s sale; the event is only for today and ends at 7PM.