Summit Backyard Bash

Where: Behind Summit Brewery @ 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul

When: 12-8PM Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tickets: $18 Advance/ $20 Door (50% of sales goes to Minnesota Music Coalition)

Last year we randomly hopped on the drunk bus and found tickets to this gem. With live music and a celebration of Minnesota’s largest brewery, you’re going to have a good time. If you have $20 and a free Saturday, spend it here; the 27th Anniversary celebration will feature a variety of bands. A tip from last year, make sure to find one of the free shuttles because parking is rather hard find. Tiffany’s off of Ford Parkway worked out smooth, so make sure to look into it. I just really hope the dude wearing full on earplugs isn’t going to be running the soundboard this year, he damn near ruined the music alone.

Live Music: Secret Stash Soul Revue, Haley Bonar (full band), The New Standards, Lizzo (featuring Lazerbeak), Night Moves, and Charlie Parr & Friends.

Food: Pizza Luce, Barrio, Blue Plate, Black Forest Inn, Bennett’s Chop and Railhouse

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