Summer Set Phase 2 Announcement


If you have been to Summer Set in recent years, you know this festival is still figuring itself out. Being only in the third year of its existence, the festival will hopefully find its groove. THE two biggest issues last year: A) Not enough variety/genres of music B) A lot of pointless security checkpoints leaving you wanting to just stay put, missing out on some of your favorite artists.

Now that phase two has been released, many questions have been answered. As we stated previously, the festivals ability to add a large group of hip-hop artists has definitely peaked our interest in attending. While electronic music still dominates as the main genre, their variety has improved. The release of phase two includes some of the following artists: Danny Brown, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Break Science, Kascade and about 30 more bands. Our concern with the second phase, is the lack of local performers. With a large group of very talented musicians in its own backyard, it appears they could have looked their for some of their fanbase.

Bottom line – Summer Set continues to grow immensely by adding to its lineup and hopefully this year won’t feature the unnecessary security checkpoints.

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