Steven Spielberg and Tom Joad?

grapes of wrath

John Steinbeck’s classic tale of family, struggle and endurance during the Great Depression era has become a celebrated American novel since its publication in 1939. The original film, released only a year after the novel’s publication, also won critical acclaim, securing Oscar awards for Best Actress, Jane Darwell, and Best Director John Ford. Henry Fonda also received a nomination for Best Actor, and the film was nominated for the Best Picture Award. The Grapes of Wrath has since become an iconic American film, and though it has been remade for television mini-series and stage theatre, there has never been a fully produced remake of the original film/novel. Now Dreamworks is in discussions with Steven Spielberg about a possible remake, but thus far Spielberg has only expressed interest in producing, which means Dreamworks will also have to secure a worthy director that can take on the project. It would be great to see the film made in a modern dramatic style; The Grapes of Wrath is still a part of public awareness, mainly because most of us still read it at some point in high school, but there hasn’t been a noteworthy film adaptation in over 73 years! It would be great to see Spielberg behind the director’s seat, especially after the success of Lincoln, which bore a heavy dramatic-ere to it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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