Something to Think About

We might as well face it: people are judgmental. As aware of this as we may be, and as hard as we try to look past appearances, it’s a trait we’re all stuck with: we think, therefore we generalize.

Whenever people notice anything/anyone that’s different, it scares them and they try to destroy it or make it conform to their preference. Racism has been at the forefront of this notion throughout history, but we didn’t stop there: people project hate onto others for pretty much anything, whether it’s religion, “beauty”, clothing, social status, sexual orientation, age, political stance, hobbies/interests, etc. etc. etc…This is troublesome for all of us; no one is better or more important than anyone else. No one’s life has more value than anyone else’s. We are all different, but we are all equal.

As the world continues to become more globalized, geographical and cultural gaps will continue to narrow, and in turn broaden the scopes of individual and societal perceptions…hopefully it’s for the better.

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