Samsung Brings OLED TVs to the US

a glimpse at our future

Samsung finally released its latest TV. The organic light-emiting diode (OLED) TVs come equipped with a 55″ curved display with a retailed price at $9,000 + before taxes. The images are said to be the best yet on the market with eye popping display of colors; I mean shit, it better be for that price. Perhaps the best feature of the TV is that it offers a MultiView feature. This feature allows two people to watch different shows at the same time on one screen. All it takes is two 3-D glasses with two different audio streams, it is that simple. The feature has also been labeled as the marriage saver by many, and has probably convinced some to purchase it. The other idea to take from these TVs is that OLED lighting could be the future of lighting as we know it, as well as the future of our next generation TVs, so stay tuned people.

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