Pizza Luce Block Party 2013

Location: Second Avenue and Fourth Street.

When: Saturday, August 10th

Pizza Luce is back for another Block Party this year after missing out on having one last year. This year Pizza Luce decided to move the party downtown, in celebration of its 20th year of existence. Not a lot of details have surfaced yet on the party, but they have released 8 acts on their line-up. Pizza Luce has also stated that they will be announcing a very special guest on July 22nd, so make sure to stay tuned for more.

The lineup so far:
Cannons North (Pizza Lucé’s own) Pennyroyal (Pizza Lucé’s own)
Martin Devaney, Sean Anonymous, Frankie Lee, Haphduzn, Bloodnstuff,
and After the Burial.


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