Nikon – First Water Proof Interchanging Lens/Camera

nikon 1 AW1: world’s first waterproof interchanging lens camera

The Nikon AW1 is the first camera to be completely waterproof. Not only is the camera/lens waterproof, it is considered ‘shock proof,’ meaning it can withstand being dropped from a whopping 2m. The camera itself, is a digital camera of course, leading the way with 14 megapixels. The AW1 also supports a variety of attachments, including: underwater speed lights, various F-mount attachments, and just about any other form you could wish for. Nikon has not released the price and release date on the camera, but it looks as though this information will come soon. Overall, the camera seems right down my alley. I can change through a variety of lenses, be clumsy, and take this thing into water; you couldn’t ask for a better camera to take on a vacation.

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