Nikola Pekovic – The Truth Behind the Tattoo

A few weeks back, when watching the Wolves vs Blazers game, the announcers made some remarks to the beast Pekovic’s tattoo that I had never heard before. These remarks had me doing some digging. I have always speculated about what the meaning of this particular tattoo was, and now it is clear.

The Answer: After extensive research (5mn or so), I found some sources on this. The Warrior happens to be Pekovic, and the skulls are of his enemies that he has absolutely slain in battle. The announcers of the game proclaimed, “It looks like Lopez will be the next skull added with all the others, because Lopez is getting dominated”. This has added a whole new level of respect for Pekovic and his tattoos, the guy is an absolute giant on the court, leaving him a force to be reckoned with. Pek ended up with 30pts and 9 rebounds; so watch out Lopez, you might just be the next skull.

8 thoughts on “Nikola Pekovic – The Truth Behind the Tattoo

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  5. sss

    Bullshit, research more/ Is nothing about his opponents on court. Is about battle happened 1389, on Kosovo field/ Amerikans now in these days forced us with NATO bombing on 1999 to give them kinda autonomy and Albanians made exodus on Serbs… We will never give independence, is ours because of 800 years of history! Pekovic knows that!
    Long story short, The Kosovo curse or Prince’s curse is a curse said by Serbian Prince Lazar before the Battle of Kosovo. Lazar curses those Serbs who ignored his call for war against the Ottoman Empire.
    ,,Whoever is a Serb and of Serb birth,
    And of Serb blood and heritage,
    And comes not to fight at Kosovo,
    May he never have progeny born from love,
    Neither son nor daughter!
    May nothing grow that his hand sows,
    Neither red wine nor white wheat!
    And may he be dying in filth as long as his children are alive,,

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