New Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Is Making History In Film and Political Arenas

Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma. Stephen King’s It. As if the brute force of nature isn’t enough to unite Americans in these tumultuous political times, Stephen King’s It might just have done the trick. King, an ardent opposer to Donald Trump, has been in a Twitter-war with the President ever since his infamous 2016 presidential campaign and subsequent election. To quote the author’s own Twitter account, “Trump is no leader. He has 2 default positions: “Not my fault” (it’s China’s) or “not my job” (DACA). What a bitter joke he is!” The feud has gone so far as to cause Trump to block King on Twitter. It also prompted Trump supporters to call for a boycott of director Andy Muschietti’s new adaptation of King’s 1000+ page horror novel, It, about a demon that terrorizes children in a small town in Maine by taking the form of a fiendish clown. The call was made via Reddit, so one might think there was a pretty good chance of a successful boycott. There wasn’t.

Unfortunately for Trump fans, the boycott failed miserably. It raked in an impressive $117 million in its opening box office weekend. The opening was so successful, in fact, that it has become the largest September debut, as well as the biggest box office opening weekend for a horror/supernatural film in history, according to Variety. Regardless of your political affiliations (or whether your a Stephen King fan or not), It is one of the most famous horror novels of the 20th century, so if you’re looking for a movie to go and see this week, be sure you give It some real consideration.

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