MPLS Throwbacks on Sway In The Morning

The last few years I have been listening to Sway In The Morning, and for some reason thought of this video today. I haven’t seen this video in a while and figured it needed some digging up. Eyedea and Slug trade versus on Sway’s Wakeup Show from a few years back, when the Minneapolis Hip-Hop scene was beginning to boom. The two go completely off the top for nearly 10mn, and develop a nice dual threat as they feed off one another’s wordplay. From that day on, Sway then respected the MPLS Hip-Hop scene.

Last year I was riding into work and caught all 5 fingers of death from Brother Ali; needless to say I was late that day. Ali absolutely destroyed all 5 fingers of death, and blew away everyone in the studio. To this day I am not sure anyone made it look that easy. Watch as brother Ali spits through it like its breakfast.

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