Mick Jenkins “The Water[s]” (#1 Top 14 Albums of 2014)


Our Top 14 Albums of 2014 list concludes today with our number #1 pick. Hailing from the city of Chicago’s southside, Mick Jenkins has quietly dropped the year’s best album. After securing a spot on this year’s Smoker’s Club Tour, Mick has taken his skills across the nation, enlightening those who didn’t know his name. Within The Water[s], you’ll hear thought provoking gems like “Shipwrecked”, “Jazz”, “Martyrs”, and “Dehydration; it’s great to hear an artist from Chicago highlighting the current issues at hand. Mick proves that he is more than capable, his music videos are among the most cinematic and visually stunning pieces in the game today. As we enter 2015, Mick Jenkins should be near the top of your list of artists to watch. At times, The Water[s] will make you laugh, at other times it’ll give you goosebumps, and at other’s it’ll make you cry. 4 months later the album stands tall as a classic Chicago record, a perfect embodiment of the southside’s soul. Check out The Water[s] below and keep an eye out for more from Mick Jenkins.

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