Meet Mouse Sucks


Meet Mouse Sucks, a Canuck by birth; he now resides in New York City as a student and artist on a quest. An avid lover of Rihanna’s feet, Sailor Moon and Pokemon Gold; Mouse isn’t afraid to bring you all the way into the depths of his world.


When we first encountered Mouse Sucks, we can’t lie; we were a little taken aback (the cover art though), but upon further inspection we found a kid with a genuinely unique and soulful sound. At times, Mouse pushes his musical boundaries so much so that it shows; but this is the beauty, genuine effort in experimentation that results in growth.


After featuring Mouse on our All City Vol.1 compilation, we’ve decided to take the next step by welcoming Mouse Sucks to MADE. A proud moment for the family, stay tuned for more from Mouse as we both continue to grow.

Check out a few of Mouse’s tracks below and be on the look out for more:

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