Mayslack’s Bar


Photo By: Ed Khoeler

The Original Roast Beef Sandwich

Photo By: Becky S

Talk about a dive bar at its finest. Mayslack’s bar has it all with local music playing weekly, great drink specials, and the best of all, greasy one of a kind bar food. The establishment started in 1955 by Stan Myslajek, a former pro-wrestler. Stan created a gigantic garlic-infused roast beef sandwich which has not changed to this day. The sandwich is absolutely HUGE, I mean it takes a real man to stomach one of these down. While just about all of the food delivered infront of me looked delicious; the pizza, the nachos, and other sandwiches – when the decision came, I had to go with the original. I won’t be the first to say it but. . . “Nobody Beats Mayslack’s Meats!

Check out for their monthly band list and upcoming events.

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