[MADE] Weekend Classics # 26 – The Dramatics

Photo of Dramatics

This weekend’s classics goes out to The Dramatics. The soul/R&B group out of Detroit, Michigan, is best known for their hit songs “Watcha See is Watcha Get” and “In The Rain”. While these songs were major hits, the group went on to record well over 10 albums of music.

The Dramatics, formed and started recording in 1964. For the next few years, the group released numerous songs with Wingate Records, which eventually led them to move on to Sport Records. With the move came their first hit single with “All Because of You”.  By 1968, the group signed another deal, this time with Stax-Volt Records. It was here in where they had their first breakout single,”Whatcha See is Whatcha Get”.

After selling a million copies of their new hit record, the group continued to trend upwards in popularity. After losing band members William Howard and Elbert Wilkins, The Dramatics rebounded and were later featured on Soul Train; which preceded their #1 R&B hit “In the Rain” (which also sold a million plus records). Even though the group has lost a lot of its band members, the tradition continues and you can still find The Dramatics touring to this day.

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