[MADE] Weekend Classics #25 – The Sylvers



As the world turns and we move through the summer, The Sylvers make their way to our weekend classics. The soulful Sylvers started to see much of their success in the early 70s after changing their name from The Little Angels. Their first three LPs (The Sylvers, The Sylvers 2, and The Sylvers 3) were produced by R&B legends Jerry Butler and Keg Johnson, landing them numerous Billboard R&B Charts.

By 1966, the group released their top selling record with Something Special, reaching number 13 on Billboard album charts. It was this album that reached out to the teeny-bopper generation. One year later, The Sylvers changed their direction and wanted to reach a more mature crowd with New Horizons. 

For the next 10 years, the group released a few more records, but never saw the same success as they had throughout the early-mid 70s. For now, we picked a personal favorite below to get aquatinted with (that is if you didn’t know The Sylvers). Enjoy.

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