[MADE] Recap – The Rotation Live @ Honey 7.17.14


Although, it has nearly been a week since the show, it is better late than never for a recap. Last Thursday night, we ended up hopping into The Rotation, and I can’t remember seeing Honey that busy on a Thursday night. The Rotation featured everyone as promised: Finding Novyon, Devon Reason, PrettyBoy, Travis Gorman, and Dwynell Roland.


As The Rotation kept moving, the crowd kept moving with them. Each artist performed solo stuff, as well as group performances in no particular order — this made for one fluent night of music. If you didn’t attend this show or one of the last few they’ve performed at Honey, you are truly snoozing and need to keep up with what’s current.

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So you had to work or something and missed the first installment of The Rotation, don’t worry there will be more to come. Be sure to stay tuned here for all the latest from the artists mentioned above. If you need some catching up, thumb through the pics and press play below.
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