[MADE] Recap – RIP Cause 07.10.14 | Phillip Morris x RP Hooks and more


As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The bitter ending to Cause happened over the weekend, but it should be noted, the last hip-hop performances damn near set the place on fire (and probably should have). With the soon to be sports bar in place, we cross our fingers for a failed restaurant, which presumably leaves that side of Minneapolis dead. Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets focus on the night that was.


After performances by Moonlight Grammar and ECID,  Phillip took to the stage while the bar was already packed thick. We’re talking’ inside to outside, people were flowing in and out the doors like it was your ladies time of the month. I mean, this was one of those special nights at Cause, and rightfully so, it happened a few nights before closing.

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After Phillip Morris wrapped up another good performance, Rapper Hooks took to the stage and immediately had people thrown’ up drinks – everyone got involved. With the lights dimmed low and smoke filling the air; the bar was buzzing heavy for this set. It really goes without saying, but, Cause featured the right crowd, on a perfect evening, making it one for the books. Now everyone’s question is, who will be the next to replace the iconic venue/restaurant??? I am not so sure there will be one, anytime soon that is…only time will tell.

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