[MADE] Brews of the Week – Unchained #14 & Zombie Monkey


Summit just released their latest installment to the Unchained Series (a limited time release), with the Biere de Garde. This latest brew is built for the season, as it features a heavy dose of malts accompanied by sweet cherries and toffee. One can’t help to but notice the nice carmel flavors with subtle spices as well. The French Farmhouse ale is a unique brew in itself, and Summit consistently tends to take special care for their Unchained Series. Keep your eyes peeled for this in stores or at the pub, it’s damn good.

Those who have not heard of Tallgrass Brewery, they are from Manhattan KS, and tend to be known nationwide for how delicious their brews are. When living in the Kansas City area, these guys were a go to choice. Enough of the hoopla, Tallgrass’ latest release, Zombie Monkey, is not only fitting, it is down right dirty. This brew pours heavy, being that it is a dark and robust porter.  The brew has a decent chocolate taste upfront, but yet offering a slightly bitter hop flavor to it. Ultimately, it is a must buy. Props to the guys at Tallgrass for this one.

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