[MADE] Brews of the Week

Indeed, one of Minneapolis’ top breweries, has created an absolutely unique brew. This brew is the TRUE meaning of a winter ale. This warm vanilla, brown sugar, raisiny brew is scrumptious. That’s right, it’s down right scrumptious. This guy sits at a nice 6.5% ABV, creating a solid, deep, thick-fruity-cholcholaty, WTF is this taste. A WTF this is really, really good taste. If you want a better explanation go grab a sixer and indulge in this great brew yourself. Cheers.

The Winter Shredder, this is a beer that took us by surprise. While we never had a Cisco brew, we certainly found this one to be particularly good. The shredding snowman smoking a pipe, definitely exceeded expectations. The brew sits at a whopping 8.5% ABV, but serves as a very drinkable brew. One can’t help but notice the sweet caramel followed by a piny-cinnamon flavor with some hoppiness thrown in there. Overall, this guys a keeper. Keep shredding with your favorite snowman and Enjoy.

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