[MADE] Brews of the Week


From my knowledge, this is the first Nebraska beer that I have ever tasted, and that’s why I want to show this brew some love. While Nebraska is mostly known for the cornhuskers or some shit, it turns out their beer isn’t that bad at all.

This IPA straight up has all the original qualities you would think of in an IPA. Upfront you taste the bitterness , followed by a wave of citrus malt undertones. Overall, it isn’t anything I would seek out at the liquor store; but at a nice 6% ABV, it is a very drinkable and well balanced IPA.


When I think of a West Coast IPA, this is the beer that now comes to mind. Left Coast Brewery out of San Clemente, CA, consistently puts out some of the best brews out west. This brew really tastes like a summer IPA and pairs well when siting poolside/beachside.

The tropical citrus flavored IPA smells and tastes fruity, but yet packs a solid bitter hop punch. Left Coast’s Trestles sits close to 7% ABV and its overall feel has a medium body; ultimately making for a near perfect West Coast IPA.

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