[MADE] Brews of the Week


Our first brew out of the bunch, is JP’s Yabba Dhaba Chai Tea Porter. Hot damn, this porter is like no other beer i’ve ever taster, period. JP’s Yabba Dhaba Porter landed him a 2014 Gold Medal at the World Beer Championship. Not only is this hard to obtain, it is quite surprising a combo brew like this has had such success.

Once cracking open this brew, you can’t help but notice the Chai and cinnamon notes. As you begin to gulp this one down, it starts to feel almost like you are drinking a thick chai tea, as it possesses sweet malt flavors backed heavily by the chai spices. If you are into this sort of thing, this beer is a definitely one for the books.


After snagging a single bottle of this at the store thinking, “I’ve never had this Minnesota brew before,” I then realized I was a few states off (Cleveland, Ohio).  Anyways, after I got over my biased decision to find a new MN brewery, I accidentally discovered my favorite Rye IPA to date.

This highly sought after RIPA, features a perfect balance between citrus hops and rye bitterness. Rye of the Tiger, comes off as a medium bodied IPA, with just the right amount of Rye. If you drink beer or remotely like beer, this one has a lot to offer and we strongly suggest getting a sixer of this.

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