[MADE] Brews of the Week


As we get back into our regular schedule at MADE, we want to bring back our brews of the week. Not every week we have the supplies available to find new and refreshing choices, but this week we stumbled across a few notables.

The first brew featured is Sam Adams Blueberry Hill lager. The beer has received many positive and negative reviews, but we personally feel it’s a fruit beer done right. This crispy smooth lager fills the tongue with blueberry notes yet possessing a strong lager flavor. This is something that Sam Adams has done rather well with their flavored beers, such as the Cherry Wheat or the Blackberry Witbier. As you can see, this brew pours a nice amber color too, making for a light to medium bodied brew. Right now this beer can be found in the variety summer pack that is on sale for $13.99.


For the last 5 years or so, Stone has been releasing one of the finest Barley Wine’s around. The Old Guardian, is sold at a reasonable price of $7.99 for a bomber at select liquor stores. If you’re brave enough to stomach one bottle of this, you will definitely feel the full effects, as this one sits at 11% ABV.

After pouring this one into a glass, you can’t help but notice the dark amber color followed by the thick head on top. Like most Stone brews, you will immediately notice the piney-grapefruit hops, but then Old Guardian follows up with its sweet malt flavor. After letting this one sink in, you can’t help but notice the booziness starting to settle. This beer definitely has multiple delicious flavors going on at once. We are glad to have this special brew reach us in the upper Midwest, and strongly recommend getting a bottle or two.

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