[MADE] Brew of the Week

Brewwz (2 of 2) copy

After a brief break last week, we’re back with a another brew of the week. Little over a month ago, Sierra Nevada released a new beer into their lineup, with Otra Vez.

Otra Vez is a Gose-Style Ale, that simply can be drank during all seasons, especially throughout the warmer months. Brewed with prickly-pear cactus and grapefruits – this beer is not your average light beer. The Otra Vez pours very light in color and feels even lighter on the tongue. After first sip, you will notice tangy, sweet, fruity and wheat packed flavors throughout. Sitting at 4.5% ABV, the entire twelve pack was gone in a blink of an eye. Definitely an interesting, yet delicious beer to try – let us know what you think below!

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