[MADE] Brew of the Week

BuffSweatAs the craft beer scene continues to explode around the country, breweries like Tallgrass are finding new experimental beers to stand out from the rest. A few months ago, Tallgrass released their latest version of their sought after Buffalo Sweat – only this version has a little bit more pizazz to it.

The Bourbon Barrel-Aged stout brewed with vanilla beans and cinnamon, is not only a lot to say, but it has a lot to offer. While it isn’t my favorite beer from them, it is a must try for all beer connoisseurs. The taste is as described on the can, while offering a sweeter side to it, similar to a cookie. The brew is velvety smooth and packed with flavors. The biggest downfall for me, was the lack of bourbon taste to this one – it would have taken it to a whole new level. Overall, this is a solid beer, and if you find some, try some!

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